Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Below is  the third payment I got from  Microworkers.  If you haven't sign up yet, maybe it's time to take action. Just click the link I have provided.  It's free to sign up and you get  a chance to work with  different  small  companies or individuals.  You can also promote your blog or your business there.  Overall, I have earned $270+ from them.  I am working on the fourth payment already.  So come and join us.
Weblabcenter.com Inc sent you $50.59 USD
Hello RC,

Just thought you'd like to know Weblabcenter.com Inc sent you $50.59 USD.

Note from Weblabcenter.com Inc:
Thank you for using microWorkers

There's nothing to lose but lots of opportunities to gain.  Sign up now.

Another M that I would like to share to ABC Wednesday is the active volcano that you can find in the Southern part of  Luzon in the Philippines.  It's the region where I came from.  Here's the Mayon volcano.
Bicol Pride


  1. volcanoes are beautiful, and scary.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. oooh I am a member too...just 2 weeks ago haha.. I requested for my very first payment so right now i'm waiting for thr pin to be mailed to me... how long does it takes??

  3. Congratulations that you receive your payment. Yes, Mayon volcano is the most perfect cone volcano in the world. It is more beautiful than Mt. Fuji of Japan. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. Laki na ng kita mo sa MW bading ako kakasimula palang heheh

  5. Congrats kaya pala nadagdagan ng $1 yon account ko thanks much ...Nice naman ng Mayon Volcano ..Sorry for the late visit ..

  6. wow! this is really an accomplishment on microworkers. i hope i will also have the same earnings.

  7. I just started with Microworkers too! But I admit na di ako madalas mag-log on. Will regularly log in from now on!

    Ganda ng Mayon ano? But scary too when you think about it. Been to Legaspi once, so I saw it in person. Ganda!

  8. Visiting from ABC mommy rose..HIndi pa ako nakapunta jan..ay member na rin ako ng microworkers pero minsan hindi ko magets yung mga jobs nila..hehhe
    tapos mostly may PR dapat..ako zero pa..
    Shengkay’s Journal
    Shengkay Random Nest

  9. ang galing galing mo talaga sis...wala bang balato dyan? pamburger lang...nyahahhaa...joke!

    buti kapa ang laki na nang kita mo...way to go!

  10. Wow laki ng kita mo Ate Rose :) ang galing2 naman. Parang lava ung ilaw sa bulkan.

  11. I hope the volcano is not too active.

  12. Madam how many dats ba magbayad ang microworkers after magwidraw?

  13. Malapit pala bahay nyo sa Mayon volcano Rose? Diba active yun a couple of years ago?

  14. PAid posting ba yang microworkers?

  15. i haven't been signing up yet to any DA, is Microworkers accepting blogs from blogger, only one of my blog has a domain hehe

  16. I am a member of Microworkers too and still waiting for my third payout.. :)


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