Friday, April 1, 2011

Last Minute Deals

We are planning a summer getaway this year and we  are also meeting a family friend down there.  Our daughter has been asking for  this since she was four so we thought of  doing it now that both of them are a little bit  bigger already.  My husband has been  browsing the  travel  websites to see if we could find a good deal on our upcoming travel.  Our  trip would only be a local one  but we  want  to make sure to have our reservation earlier.

If you guys are heading to Australia  for a getaway, check out the last minute accommodation deals at  he said website is the leading online Australian travel agency when it comes to last minute flights and other stuff that you need for your travels.  They have recently re-launched the former Australian website which was a little bit hard to navigate then. is now a  user friendly website,  which means that finding cheap flights  is no longer hard to achieve.  If you check it out now, they have sales and other promotions going on which could give you the best deals on last minute hotels accommodation.  Please visit the website  for more detailed information.


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