Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Postcard from Norway

I love to received  postcards from  friends around the globe.  A good  friend of mine who lives in Germany sent me this postcard from Norway.  I think they had their  getaway there this year.

It is so sweet when friends remember  you even when they are vacationing!  That view is stunning!

 Thanks Mads Fe!  I miss  this thoughtful lady.  She used to blog too but she slowed  down when she had the twin.  Miss you Mads!


  1. That is beautiful, thank you for sharing. And Congrats to her on her twins.

  2. what a thoughtful friend you have! i wish i could also visit Germany soon!

  3. Cool postcards. They have beautiful nature would love to see that in person :)

  4. What a beautiful gesture! I can't remember the last time I got a postcard! Very sweet!

  5. The postcard is indeed wonderful, it speaks for what the country is.

  6. love the scenery of the postcard.. soo relaxing

  7. What a beautiful card from your thoughtful friend!

  8. norway is one of the places I wish to visit someday.:)

  9. snails mails and postcards are still the best way to show your thoughtfulness!


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