Friday, February 18, 2011

Five Fingers

My husband and son went to Kroger's the other day while I stayed  in the car because Ms. Burrito was sleeping.    As I was listening to the music on the radio, I noticed  the light shining from the  parking garage light post.  Got my camera and positioned my hand near the car door and voila, I got a shadow shot!


  1. You made very good use of that opportunity!

  2. Kinda freaky, it almost looks like and x-ray.

  3. Cool shot..
    Thanks for stopping past my blog..

  4. Great shadow... Out of context it could be a little

  5. Ahahaha sowrry folks if this creeps you out but I thought it's a good one lol..

  6. I think this is a fabulous shadow shot! I really like this one a lot. it reminds me of something from a cartoon or animated movie. great job! have a beautiful weekend!

  7. Looks like a retro drawing, Rose. :-)

  8. Wow...that is so very impressive. Quite ingenious too.

    My Shadow Shot Dolphin Art

    Thanks for visiting with me.

  9. It looks the hand of the alien hehehe..Happy SSS!

    Mine is here


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