Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bumble Bee's New Milestone

 This little bumble bee wanted to get the camera.
 No BB, just give Momma a little smile..  Okay gotcha, thank  you!
 Now it's time to show off Bumble Bee's new milestone.  She can sit in a brief moment already, all she need is a little bit of practice and she will get it.
  Ms. Burrito  sat up by herself for the first time when she was five months old.  I miss those times when they were still babies, thanks to BB for filling that  space.


  1. Kawawa ka naman Rose na nire relive yung moments na babies pa ang mga anak mo sa pamamagitan ni Sophie, hehehe. Pwede pa naman kung gugustuhin nyo lang ni John. Hindi ka naman yata ligated hindi ba? Masarap talaga kung me bagong baby ka na talagang sa iyo, hehehe. Thanks for the cute post. God bless you all always.

  2. She's precious- thanks for sharing, gave me a big smile.

  3. I like her name...but please try to dress her in yellow next time to remind me of Bumble bee of Transformer...just kidding :)

    sure, she's loveable on these pictures.


  4. That means you need to have one more addition to your family. LOL! Who is Bumble Bee again, sis? Is she a friend's daughter?

  5. Hi Ate Tetcha, yup, she's a daughter of a friend.

  6. wow sis! ang galing galing mo talaga...I can't believe she can set up na.

    me too..I miss those moments..pahiram kay BB...ehehhee!

  7. Cute nga, ako walang pang bumble bee bubble pa lang haha..joke..tunaw na nga ice cream Ate Rose..busy ang lola eh andami chores sa aming munting

  8. Sweetest bee ever! Would love to squeeze that sweetness!

  9. aww... babies are really adorable pero.. pahinga muna ako.. hahaha.. dropping by rose.


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