Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Icicles

 The rain that  was pouring from my FIL's roof going down to his plant formed these three levels of baby icicles.
It is freezing cold out here right now.  I hope that the weather tomorrow will  not be so bad.


  1. Love icicyles! It must be cold there to have them right now. It sure looks cold!

  2. Wow these icicyles are gorgeous.

  3. Looks amazing...
    I can't see something like that here!

    Thanks for dropping by

  4. I hope the plants are not damaged by the cold and the ice, although it is odd to see icicles on the green leaves!!

  5. wow! andami namang crystal dyan hehe

  6. Love to play with icicles they are sharp too!
    Watery Wednesday

  7. pag may baby icicle may new born icicle din diguro ano, bili na talaga ako sayo bading, grabe ng imagination mo. Ganda rin pagkakuha mo bading, lurve it

  8. grabe rose no.. sa fridge ko lang man ito makita hahaha... murag dili nlang ko muadto sa america..hehehe... nice shot dear... teka lang.. tamad na magcomment sa baba.. hahaha..

    pero si EJ ang amboy na parang takot sa carabao..hahaha... dropping by..

  9. Oooh, really lovely shots! I like them very much. I'm enjoying the your lovely family slide show, you have a sweet family, precious children.
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. The icicles look like candies. :)


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