Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Petite Rose Bud Pin

 I don't know why but my FIL was in the mood to get rid of stuff that he doesn't need anymore.  Most of them though are precious  little things because it's my late MIL's collection just like this petite rose bud pin.
 He gave this to me yesterday.  He said that since I am a rose, I deserve to have it.  Thanks a lot Dad!
The rose is gorgeous, my photos doesn't gave a justice to it though lol. It is finish with 18k gold.  This will be part of my  memorabilia collection.


  1. awwwwwwww...ang bait bait talaga ni FIL mo sis...he's one of a kind!

  2. The pin continues the tradition! You are in fine company as your MIL was no doubt a fine woman. Her son did well to find you, she would agree. The pin is delicate, a keepsake, a reminder of a beautiful life...

  3. aw, sweetness nman. perfect for u yan, "ROSE".

  4. How sweet of your Dad to give you such precious Love...the pin is a charmer.

  5. pagka swerte ng Rose dito, ang bait ng FIL...

  6. wow, nice pin rose... bait naman ni FIL.. dropping by. here too.

  7. Wow so sweet naman ng FIL mo Ateh, napakaganda at so precious nga talaga.

    Sige Ate Rose kapag natuloy plan ni Kuya John work d2 pwede tayo magkita..hehe cnxa late reply, busy ang lola.

  8. Ahhh...
    What a sweet sentiment Rose!
    He deserves a big hug.

  9. U are lucky to have inherited this beautiful rose.

  10. its very lovely rose bud pin. perfect for RT. cheers!

  11. It is indeed a beautiful rose bud pin in gold. Your FIL is a very pragmatic person and in the intimation of his eventual passing away, he wants to leave everything to where they should belong. Although I'm sure he treasures that as a priceless memento from his wife, still he believes that you are the best and most suitable person to get that precious memento. God bless him more for his thoughtfulness and generosity. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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