Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Walk with Champ

My husband has been training Champ to walk beside him when he is taking him for a walk. We used to just let him lead the way until we read this article that dogs should walk side by side with you so that they won't establish dominance over you.
It is a bit hard to  take our super hyper Champ for a walk because he would pull and pull until he is ready to pass out.  He is getting better now though.
The photos were taken last week when we brought Champ at my FIL's home for a visit.  My daughter and I took him for a walk around Dad's neighborhood.  Have a good day everyone!


  1. don't be dominant champ... walk beside mami rose hehehe

  2. You look so good Rose in your photo. You look so slim and sexy, lol. Naku, lalong mahahaling sa iyo nyan si John, lol. It's great that you and Rylie are walking Champ outside your house. Kaya lang hindi nyo kayang sabayan siya sa takbuhan. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. Parang hindi malamig ang panahon ahh hehe, dito umuulan kanina

  4. You looking good mommy Rose! Dogs sure love it when you take them for a walk. There are lots of interesting things for them to see. We tried to walk our dogs one time and man it was hard since they were not used to being on a leash yet. Good job, Champ!

  5. Nice name, Champ prang Champion. Kainggit nman I love dogs kaso lang no space for the pets in our place.

  6. Hanep sa pose si Rylie talo si Mommy (hehehe). Sa atin sa Pinas pagala-gala lang ang mga dogs mga may breed lang ang D2 nga pala kami sa Icheon, Gyeonggido Ateh from from Seoul..

  7. That's what I know with dogs to have leach whenever you go. And also they need to be walk everyday naku po. Great shot!

    Fiery sky

  8. That is interesting bit of info about dogs walking beside and not ahead.
    Great shots.

  9. I admire your husband's efforts. Your pup is adorable.

    Our guy is a dachshund who dominates like Napoleon. We accept our place....

  10. I've never had a dog, Rose...
    Dog is a smart creature; I think Champ will be understand and then follow the 'rule'...

    Thanks for your comment, happy Friday :)

  11. I am sure that your dog has the best dog owners he could have wished for! He is lovely!

  12. Jack Russells are great dogs - big dogs in little dogs' bodies. We used to have four! Great shots!

  13. swerte naman ni champ na yan.. spoiled na spoiled talaga. :)

  14. Looks like the perfect day for a walk.


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