Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spider Man Fan

 Our son is definitely a spider man fan.  He has so many spider man  stuff like shirt, hat, and toys.  He would always say that he is the spider man in red (the good guy) and not the bad guy (the one in gray suit).
Alright spider man fanatic, just  tell santa that you want more spider man stuff lol..


  1. i love your smile talaga EJ, lagi mo ko nahahawa.. :)

  2. Oh yes.. I see a Spiderman future for Him... He look so happy in he Spiderman shirt.
    Getting ready for the Holidays

  3. He is darling. At least he makes Santa's shopping a lot easier.

  4. A darling little spider man you have! Jacqueline

  5. What a great choice of blues, and what a charming model!

    Thank you for dropping in at Lawn Tea---I hope you'll look in again.


  6. heheh he looks cutie...happy blue Monday...

    Mine is here

  7. Naku ganda talaga nang smile nang binata mo Mommy Rose. Nabasa ko yung comment mo doon kay Dhemz ganyan talaga pag lalaki parang walang hilig sa pag-aaral di pareho sa mga babae. Yung kapatid ko nga grade 4 siya nung nakabasa na, sa awa naman nang Diyos naging successful naman hehehe. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Blue Moon

  8. aw! cute! Its good to be the good guy and spider man is such a cool good guy!
    thanks for stopping by my blog today.
    Happy Blue MOnday!

  9. Hi Rose, sensya na karon lang kapasyal grabe yung papel ko sa mesa.. kailangan kung unahin

    EJ, pag-ayaw mu na yang spiderman mu akin nalang..hehehe, ka cute!..

    yung tanung mu..
    College ang tinuturuan ko Rose...I teach social sciences. Assumption sa Davao... hehehe :)

  10. Mukhang nangigil si EJ Ateh ah, ganda cguro pinapanood. Hehe

  11. What a sweet child. I hope you had a great Blue Monday and have a wonderful holiday with your family. Blessings...Mary


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