Thursday, November 25, 2010

Orchids and African Violet on Sale

We went to Lowe's the other day and looked for their fresh Pine tree. My husband wanted to have a fresh pine tree for our Christmas tree but I talked him out of it. With the amount that we pay for it and the plastic stand, it is expensive for a one time use of Christmas Tree.
Bluberry craft and hobby time
What I found  made my day, the orchids and african violets were on sale for a a dollar each.
I never had any of these two plants before but I am trying my luck since they were on sale.
I bought two of each, let's see if they will survive on my care.
Hubby made me a planter for my plants so now they are not sitting in chairs lol.  Thanks Hon for making  it.
Our wall is full of art exhibits lol and I am not allowed to take it down.
Hope you guys had an enjoyable Thanksgiving feast.  We just got back from  my Fil's home.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. I love your planters bading, ganda. akow alang malagyan sa plants ko waaa. happy thanksgiving sa inyo lahat diyan badingding

  2. you must be very proud of exhibit on your wall, what a wonderful creation of your buritos, hihi..ah wait, one dollar? great finds. :)

  3. I agree on the Christmas tree front. We start our Christmas in our home, and then spend the holiday with my elderly Dad. Two fresh Christmas trees was just too much bother, especially since our one at home was basically naked by the time we got back.

    Love your plant stand - and the artwork!

  4. mga orchids naman dito sobrang mahal whahh

  5. wow kurips talaga si mami rose parang ako din hehehe

    love the planters...

    i hope your fam had a wonderful thanksgiving

  6. Great that you exercised wisdom in dissuading John to buy a fresh pine tree. It is not really practical since you can use it only once. I know the orchids you bought will survive because you really have a green thumb. Nice of John to build you a planter for your plants. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  7. Hi.. Rose... love those african violets.. kaso alagain... green thumb naman ako in fact halos lahat ng tanim dito around the house ay pinagpawisan ko.. hehehe.. kaso nawalan ako ng inspirasyon kasi daming pakialamera.. kaya masama loob ko duun sa mga plants na nilipatlipat nila... haisst... tuloy di na ako nag-garden... hintay nalang ako kung may bahay na kami...

    baka gusto mung makita ang wall namin... ang tawag ko dun freedom wall... kasi panay dikit kung saan-saan eh di nag-assign ako ng freedom wall.. hahaha... nice art... bayaan mu na..

  8. Orchids and African violets would give you lots of colour in your home! And an interesting wall!

  9. If I am not mistaken Ateh yong third picture ay Dove, name ng orchids. May ganyang orchids si Nanay eh..hehe

  10. Ang gaganda ng mga tanim mo Rose.Ur lucky to have a supportive hubby too. :)Take care always.....

  11. Nag-snow na ba sa inyo Rose? It snowed first day here today. Ganda nang plants mo inside. I haven't got those na.

    My Flowers on Saturday post

  12. Beautiful new plants. You have quite the collection of pretty flowers!

    Erika B

  13. I love it when I can find plantss for my house for a special price:)


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