Monday, November 8, 2010

First Shower of snow

 We had the first shower of snow yesterday.  It didn't last very long but I got to take a picture of evidence at our neighbor's roof hehehe.  My husband woke me up and said "you better wake up and take a picture of the snow before they melt down" lol..
Almost all the tress has  lost their leaves already.  Most of them are bald and the surroundings are starting to look sad, the beautiful color is almost gone.MellowYellowBadge


  1. Oh boy! that looks exciting. For some reason I just get so excited to see some snow. Awe! It will be fun to finally have snow from where I live. Great photos!

    Adin B

  2. waaaaa snow na nga..pag balik namin sa Sweden, snow na din waaaa brrrrrrrr. hehe

    galing ni John ah!, ginising ka pang talaga..nyahaha

    agi ko, adgi pa ko

  3. Haaay tag lamig nanaman bading kainis. sasakit nanaman wangkata natin nito. musta weekend ninyong badingding.

    kami sa bahay lang yesterday pero today joe dropped us at the mall

  4. huaahh!nag-snow na dyan?paparating na ba talaga ang winter?gusto ko pang i-enjoy ang fall season!!

  5. wow taglamig na, tinatangay n din ung cold air dito sa pinas, kaya maginaw na rin, :D my favorite season of the year, hehehe

  6. wow taglamig na, tinatangay n din ung cold air dito sa pinas, kaya maginaw na rin, :D my favorite season of the year, hehehe

  7. We are expecting snow tomorrow!!! So glad I captured so many beautiful autumn leaves with my camera.

    Erika B

  8. Ganun ba Rose.... pero ang sarap sumulat sa ganyang kapaligiran... hhehehe.. dami kang adjectives na maisip... hahaha..

  9. dko nakita last night yung first pic...nag adgitize lang ako kahapon badingding.....dko nag blog hop..sensya na po...:)

    OT ako today..dami ko na kasing palta...salamat sa walang sawang dalaw at comment...mwah!

  10. You have your first snowfall in your place. This may have herald the end of fall and the start of the winter season. I just hope the winter season will not be as harsh as last year when you had extreme winter conditions. Thanks for the post and the photos. God bless you all always.

  11. sana mag snow din dito :) mainit pa rin kahit holiday season na eh

  12. dito din. we had our first snow last night.. praktis lang. hihi. wish ko lang, haha. medyo malamig na din ng konte,a s in konte lang haha..

  13. One day, i want to experience playing in the snow too...don't know the feelings yet, but I know it would be wonderful.


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