Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Exploring the Indian Echo Caverns

During our 3-day  mini vacation In Hershey, P, we decided to  explore a cavern that was  located near Hershey, the Indian Echo Caverns which is located in Hummelstown, PA.  I am glad, the hotel where we stayed in have so many  leaflets in the entrance  area for cool things to do in Pennsylvania.  Since it was  only  few minutes away from  where we at, we decided to go.  
 I am so glad we went because there were so many neat formation of stalactite and stalagmite inside the cavern.
 I am also glad that  taking photos is allowed inside although  the very dark environment doe not help with taking   beautiful pictures.
 I highly recommend that if you are   vacationing in  Hershey  Park, the cavern is also a great  place to visit while you are there.
 They offer a 45-guided tour that  would  enlight any vistors.
 Our tour guide was very intelligent , he   fed us with so many great informatuon during the course of the tour.
 You'd be surprised of how much people were there every day.  We came accross a bunch of groups while exploring the  cavern.  It made it  a little harder to get through the small  opassage in the cavern.
 I think the most fascinating  story was the guy who camped out inside the cavern, lived there for so many years, and also died there.
So yeah, after a tiring   walkathon inside Hershey Park, the cavern was a  great treat for us to be able to see  natural beauty!

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