Monday, October 25, 2010

Hungry Birds

After the big bag of food for the birds got emptied, I did not buy no more as I thoughts birds will migrate somewhere else as the cold temperature approaches. They come and visit us everyday still and I fee bad. We throw the end pieces of the bread in our back yard and they can eat it in no time.  Below are some shots I took about the hungry birds in our yard.  Enjoy the video~!


  1. Birds are the best evidence of God's divine providence for His entire creation. You were touched by God to feed the birds in your neighborhood. God bless you more for that. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. oh my...ang entertain ako sa video sis...ehehehe...parang sign na nang tag ulan...:)

    san kau this weekend badingding?!

    we just got home..we went swimming to our community pool...init kasi eh!

  3. That was so cute...she said enough of this and just grabbed it a flew away. Ha!

    I feed the birds out front and the squirrels eat what they can. I put a clay pot dish on the ground for them. If it's empty they let me know. One will follow me to the mailbox when I get the mail.

  4. Perhaps you will just have to invest in another bag of feed! You've treated the birds so well, they may be staying.

  5. Yes, those birds probably think you adopted them. They are very cute.
    It might be cheaper to invest in more bread rather than more birdseed, and thy do seem to enjoy that one piece in the video. LOL

    Kay, Alberta

  6. So many hungry birds, cute video!

  7. They are always hungry those guys.

  8. dami din ganyan sa backyard namin bading baka kamag anak nila yun mga gutom rin hehehehe

  9. Oh, I forgot to join a meme. Nabusy sa ops. hehehe Glad to stop by here Rose. They're Barn swallow birds, I think.

  10. Ang daming birds. We feed the birds here too with bread crusts. Nice video too. I enjoyed watching it.

  11. sobrang kakatuwa sila ha, d2 mga maya, balak ko din maglagay ng hanging bird feeder, sana wag lang habulin ng pusa. lol..

  12. ay ang cute...para ka rin nagpapatuka ng manok nyahahahaha...ang saya tingnana. hehe

  13. Ang daming birds!!Enjoyed the video^_^


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