Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Have you ever heard of geolumins? Geolumins are used in gardens if  you want to create a glow in your garden and be noticed by passerby. Below is an article from Gardening club that I received as newsletter. You might want to read it if you love gardening and would love some glow in it.
We're always looking for something that'll get our garden noticed. Having people stop and admire our garden by day is one thing, but having it lit up at night will cause some serious gawking.

No, we're not talking about path lighting. We're talking about something brand new: glow-in-the-dark rocks, pebbles, and sand from Geolumins.

How fun would it be to have your garden paths glow green at night as these specially treated rocks come to life? Just 15 minutes in the sun and Geolumins are recharged and ready to start glowing in the dark. Surround flagstones on walkways, draw attention to your favorite piece of garden art, or accent flowerbeds and retaining walls. You can even line koi ponds and fountains, because they're safe for aquatic life.

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