Thursday, October 28, 2010

Childhood Glimpse

When I was in elementary, I used to walk from our house  to our school in the nearby barangay everyday of the week.  There is a river that's dividing our barangay to the other barangay where the school is.  There is no bridge so we have to  cross the river through a small banca when it's high tide.  But when  the water is low, we  look for the shallow part  and just pray that no one  drown.  

You might say that it is crazy for the parents to let kids do that but it is a form of training for us, for our survival.  That's how we learn things in the remote area in the Philippines.  I never appreciated the beauty that we have in our place till lately.  When I was growing up, all I could think is  get out from that place because  everywhere I look, its a picture of poverty .  Looking back now, I am glad that I grew up there, it made me who I am now.  

Donsol is one of the most visited place  by foreigners in Bicol ever since the  awareness of Butanding or whaleshark was  exposed.


  1. Beautiful sky and scenery. At first I thought it was a beac until I read your post.

  2. A lot of things that used to be accepted are now frowned upon! I used to walk a mile to and from school, at lunch too, and now kids are bused that far, and stay for lunch!
    But you walked a lovely stretch of beach! And I know what you mean about looking forward to getting out of there!

  3. Such a lovely photo. Thank you for sharing your personal story here. It is interesting how the distance created by time changes our appreciation for our past.

  4. You never where the road of life will lead.

  5. Someday I will visit your town of Donsol to do some deep sea fishing and watch the world famous whale sharks and to taste your own cooking of laing and Bicol Express. I hope I can do that while Rylie and EJ are still kids. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. awww remiscing the past. i miss my childhood too bading. minsan gusto ko rin ma experience nila ni jake yung fun memories like having playmates and play under the moonlight. pero thast not gonna happen now kasi lumipat kami to the city which is nasty hahaha. ganda ng place ninyo bading kung nasa pinas lang tayo ngayon mag aaya akong pumunta sa inyo hehehehe

  7. What a beautiful place! Gorgeous sky and water.
    I guess we never really do appreciate what we had til we leave and come back.

  8. What a beautiful place, and the sky is super. When we go back later, we can appreciate both the beauties and the dangers of our childhood.

  9. Donsol now is one of the top drawers of tourists in the country. You're lucky to have such a beautiful place while growing up. I do hope someday that I can visit the place.

  10. naalala ko tuloy yung Donsol na movie... ganda siguro sa lugar nyo Rose.. ano.. dropping by..

  11. Love this composition of four elements in one shot.

  12. wow! ang ganda nang place nyo sis....malapit sa dagat.....:)


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