Monday, October 4, 2010

One Change

Big Mama

I would like to thank Rheanna of Just One Change Weight Loss for inviting me to join her goals in losing weight. I am skinny (weighing 95 lbs),  but the  thing that I am struggling with is losing my belly fat.  It seems that no mater what I do, the bulge of extra  and unwanted  fat is staying there forever.  I know that I should listen to my husband in  doing my crunches and sit up but I am just not motivated to do it.  Maybe by joining this  meme, I would be able to.  A friend told me that I am being hard on myself  because she can't even see the fat that I am talking about. Maybe I am being hard on myself but whenever I  face the mirror and see my  flabby tummy, I am not happy. So today, I am doing my part, even just 5 sit ups a day will do.

Do you want to join us in losing weight? Just  click the badge above.  Below was taken last Sunday.  I would like to be able to wear my dresses again without having to worry about my tummy fat.


  1. whoaaaaa....I so envy you sis...that's how I weigh I am 115...nyahahhaa...mabigat pala ako!

    Ako din woi, my golly walng ka motivation...kaya tumataba...masarap kasi kumain!

  2. ako din in envy you badingding, walang fat naman nakikita ko yan sa maliit mo katawan. 95lbs. waaa ako nga parang 130 na yata. goodluck.

  3. we have the same weight girl, kaya lang i have this problem with my tummy since i was undergo ceasarian kahit n payat ako pero my tummy was something wrong haha

  4. You're so skinny indeed Rose. My weight before I got pregnant was 110 lbs. Gained 50 lbs whole term prehnancy. And right now, I'm 130 lbs. I'm happy with my body now coz I look shapely. lol. My only problem is the belly fat to. It's probably because we always sit down. Do more walking and Hiking.

  5. Considering you already have kids, 95 lbs and a skinny body is pretty impressive for the "bilbil" and the sit-ups, I recommend 20 sit-ups a day or 50 sit-ups at least 3 times a week...un lang...hehe...

  6. Mabuti nga ikaw sis tummy fat lang problem mo, ako eh buong katawan hehe. Walking fat ako hehe. hope to join this program ito.

  7. naku... sa araw-araw na kalalaba ko.. sa linis.. naubus na ang weight ko lol... sige monitor nating yang sayo

  8. wag kang manginggit, haha.. ano pa tawag sa tummy ko.. wala akong belly, kundi fats na lang lahat..hihi.. join nga, baka mag lose din weight, but i doubt it, i always cheat my diet.. :)

  9. Good luck. I hope all of you lose weight. Your husband is right. The best way to lose that tummy handle is to do crunches like sit ups and rowing exercises. Medyo uncomfortable nga lang. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  10. While many of us envy your 95 lbs, it is important to remember we need to FEEL skinny. FEEL healthy.

    Good for you for making these adjustments! I wished I were aware of it sooner like you are!

    Thanks for linking up with the Just One Change. Join us next Tuesday for another edition!

  11. Ay naku Rose, sama ako sa yo ng sampu! Lol! Maswerte ka at slight bulge lang yan tummy mo. Sa height ko na 5'7' at weight na 128, yung tummy ko lang yata ang may timbang. Payat ako pero ang laki talaga ng bilbil. Kaya wish ko din mawala ito.Kahit TH, go pa rin sa sit-ups.

  12. i came back today today to say, i gained pounds everyday! join na talaga ako.. :)

  13. I was just thinking about that bulge when I woke up this morning. I immediately grabbed my binder and wore it. I'm also about 90 lbs but the pregnancy belly would not go away after my 2nd birth. I'd love to see you in that dress and I'll definitely find steps to fit my old clothes too!

    Good luck to us!

  14. good luck on you. I don't have the discipline.

  15. andito ulit badingding....mwah! ang dapat sau...kumain nang marami...ehehhehe...d lose weight...joke!

  16. Wow sis!! 95 lbs??? Yay! Wish ko lng yan na weight.. nyahahaha... Ayaw ni hubby na pumayat ako masyado kasi mas gusto nya may mapisil daw... nyahahha...



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