Friday, September 10, 2010

Listia Turned One Year Old!

I am sharing some of the items that I won from Listia. For those who doesn't know this site yet, Listia is a free auction of those things that people doesn't need anymore. You can bid on the items that you like by using credits.

So how do you get credits?
  1. If you have a Twitter and Facebook, you can find items that offers some credits for you to share their listing to your FB and T.
  2. You can also invite friends to join and you will get credits when they sign up.
  3. You can also buy credits from the site.
  4. You can also get credits by listing an item that you want to get rid of.
There is no catch to "FREE" word over at Listia. Some of the items requires shipping fee and most of them are free of charge. So it is up to you if you want to spend a little money on the item that you want or you just want to bid on the items that are completely free.

It's fun to be a member of Listia because you will get to meet great people but of course in every crowd there are always the not-so-nice ones lol. Listia turned one year old last month, a proof that the site is not a scam. Believe me as I won so many items already and got rid some of mine too. Below are some of the items that I won.

Don't hesitate to Join Us Now! (This is NOT a sponsored post, I just want to share it to you guys. You might want to try it.)


  1. Ang ganda naman nang mga napanalunan mo sa Listia. Napansin ko na naging super slim ka ngayon kaya mas lalong naging sexy. Sa exercise ba yan o sa hustle nang trabaho mo as a super mom? Lately kasi ay naging aligaga ka sa opening nang school year ni Rylie. Masyado ka yatang na pressure, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. nice choices, ganda ng mga prizes mo,pang international ba yan Rose, kaya lang baka mahal shipping kung dito sa tin papadala. :(

  3. Ooh ooh sexy dresses! I love the pieces you won, they are very nice. I must check it out.

  4. ayay! hot the first pic sis...bagay na bagay sau...para ka paring! pangtulog ba yan?

  5. Wow so sexy! Really hot mama. Ung site na yon sis for US lang ba?

  6. Galing mo naman mag bid bading gaganda ng mga napanalunan mo. sexy ng bading ah, bagay sayo.

  7. i've heard about listia but i really dont what is listia.. hehe. i'll visit the website nga..
    opps teka, ang sexy mo naman.. inggit ako. pretty na, sexy pa..


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