Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Scrubs and Beyond

My close friend who is a Licensed Practitioner Nurse or LPN at the hospital here in our area is looking for some new nurse scrubs that would fit her now that she is 7 months pregnant. I thought that when you were pregnant you are excused from wearing your uniform but I was wrong. Of course that was lame of me for thinking that lol.
Cherokee Golden Wings print scoop neck scrub top.
There are so many ways where you can alter your uniform to accommodate your present situation. I think, she hires one of the tailors in downtown to make her a new one. Although I could have suggested the selection of cherokee medical scrubs and the landau medical scrubs at Scrubs and Beyond, I know that she won't listen anyway as she gets discounts from this particular tailor hahaha.
Cherokee Houndstooth print scoop neck scrub top.
Anyhow, looking at the selection of nurse scrubs and other accessories for nurses at Scrubs and Beyond make me wish that hubby could have continued in his nursing degree. He was almost done with it but changed his mind when we came back here from Korea. Whew, men change their minds often too.. not just women lol. But anyhow, if you are looking for some stylish and trendy scrubs, the scrubsandbeyond.com website has it. Check it out guys.

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