Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saying Sorry

My husband once told me that in the military, saying sorry is a sign of weakness and I keep telling him that it might be a sign of weakness but when you're at fault, you have to say and mean it.

We do however say sorry to each other whenever we do something undesirable. For me saying sorry is not sign of weakness but a sign of maturity. Why maturity? Because you are mature enough to admit your mistake. This is my short entry to..


  1. I somehow like your hubby Ate Rose. I don't know but I grew up thinking the same that saying sorry is a sign of weakness. And now I am with your side. It's then maturity! here's my share Happy CC!
    I miss you Ate Rose

  2. how sweet naman lagi.. tama, sorry is a sigh of maturity.. kaya nga ako sorry ng sorry ahaha..
    naku sis, dami nga news dito na ewan,.. haaay..anyways, i'll be back to normal blogging, i hope, next week. dami ko na backlog sa blogs ko.. :)

  3. Yes, Rose, saying "Sorry" is really a sign of maturity because only mature people can be humble enough to admit they're wrong in order to keep the peace.

  4. agree ako tokaya. saying sorry is a sign of maturity. we should all be brave and responsible enough to admit our mistakes.

  5. yes! i agree. those who dont know how to say those words do not have peace of mind. I really admire you both for being mature enough to say sorry when necessary!

    happy Thursday, Rose!

  6. short nga pero ang lalim naman nang interpretation...ehehhehe!

    dko mahilig mag sorry sis eh....kahit kasalanan ko...pero I do say sorry once in a blue!

    a quick visit here hop muna ako...tagal na kasi akong d nagbloblog hop eh...hehehehe!

  7. I agree and think that saying your sorry shows not weakness but courage. It's much easier to ignore something you've done wrong than to admit it and say you are sorry.

    On another not, you two make an adorable couple.

  8. Awww magkasundo talaga kayo bading ano. im thinking of joining CC again,

  9. ay noong bagong dating ako dito sa Davao Rose, napapansin ko na ang karamihan sa bisaya ay di marunong mag sorry.....waaaaaaaaa...kahit sa mga mall, walang excuse me at sorry pag dumadaan or nakasagi...hahaha pero ngayon sanay na ako hehehe

    agree ako jan sa sinabi mo Rose hehe

    BTW. Rose if nahihirapan ang family mo sa Bicol kung paano mag register sa EON Card nila sa Paypal, ask mo lang ako or email me...okay??


    waaaa di pa ako naka gawa ng nostalgia ko...busy ang life..exam ng anak ko sa school today and tomorrow...

  10. i even say sorry to my kids if i did something wrong. that is to train them. if they did mistakes they should admit it and say sorry.
    btw, thnks for the warning about the blogadvertisingstore. can you recommend other blog advertising where i can register my blogs. just to earn a little,i do not want to be rich. LOL! hhehehe!
    thnks and have a nice day!

  11. Saying sorry is never a sign of weakness, it is a sigh of humility and maturity as you said. Not saying sorry even if one is wrong is very offensive and will attract animosity from others. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  12. I agree with what you said: sorry is a sign of maturity :)

    hope i can make habol coz I have posted mine yet, was down with sore eyes :)

  13. I agree Mommy Rose, accepting one's mistake is a sign of maturity :)

    Happy weekend!

  14. Agreed with your . saying sorry is must when we are fault . But saying sorry is not mean we weak .


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