Monday, August 2, 2010

Reason to Smile on Sunday

Howdy everyone? How'ya all doing. I just got done cleaning our home. Due to my activity of getting rid of the virus that infected my PC, I did not go to sleep until three. I planned to sleep in late but my son's cry woke me up early. He found a wasp laying on our floor (somehow the wasp managed to sneaked in through the exhaust fan at the bathroom. He picked up the wasp and of course the mean critter stung him. I felt so bad because, you all know how painful it is to be stung by a wasp.
I am floating right now due to lack of sleep but I can't sleep since I am doing laundry wahhhh. Despite of those negas, I have reason to smile because of the faces made by these little darlings when I took their photos a few weeks back.
We are off to Panhandle for sight seeing, thanks so much guys for the visit and comments.


  1. Sabagay kahit kulang ka sa tulog ay magigising ka at mapapangiti sa mga lovable photos na ito nang mga anak mo showing off their different moods. Kawawa naman si EJ na na stung nang isang wasp. Masakit talaga ang sting nito at kung minsan ay nakakalagnat pa. Konting ingat lang sa mga anak ninyo. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. I believe you Rose! Hindi ka nga aantukin once na makita mo na ang cute faces ng mga li'l darlings mo! Hugs and kisses for them!

  3. I was smiling with your kids' faces here.. beautiful sunday!!

  4. The sweet little faces that makes it all worthwhile. I hope you enjoyed your day sightseeing. Smiles.


  5. sino ba naman ang d mapapangiti sa mga ngiting ito...ehehehe!


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