Thursday, August 5, 2010

Prescription Sunglasses

When my son broke my eyeglasses a couple of months ago, I took it back to the local eye center where I ordered it few years ago. They did fixed it for free but the temple they used did not match the one I've had before. They said that they did not have the kind of what is used in my eyeglasses. Oh well, at least it still works. I hate the fact though that it is so loose now, it always dropped down when I looked down. I don't want to order one as I spent almost 400 dollars with this first one.

Hubby suggested that we should try ordering at Zenni as everybody is raving on it. I looked in their website and found some pretty prescription sunglasses instead. I like the one (photo above) because it looks stylish and the cost is very affordable. No wonder people are recommending Zenni, I even saw this being talked about in one of the segment on TV that I was watching a couple of months ago. I think for this summer a prescription sunglasses would be the great way to go to protect your eyesight and still see better. I'll definitely consider this one.

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  1. We've ordered from Zenni before and were very satisfied. Amazingly, Hubby's $12 glasses from Zenni are holding up much better than my $250 ones from Walmart!


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