Monday, August 9, 2010

Opposite Attracts

I am late with my entry but oh well, I would still post this lol. My CPU is still at the computer shop and it won't be back till tomorrow wahhh. The topic this week over at Couple's Corner is Total Opposite. Actually we just have quite a few of this, we pretty much alike in many things.
Rodliz’s Nest
Here are some of the things where we are completely different.
  1. He is a spender and I am a saver.
  2. He love sweets (esp. chocolates), and I don't.
  3. I like folding clothes, he doesn't.
  4. He love sushi, I don't.
  5. He is a very good driver, I am not lol.
  6. He is a good public speaker, I am not.
  7. I am organized. he is not.
  8. He can draw, I can't.
  9. He is born smart, I am not.
  10. I love gardening, he doesn't.
So that's about it.
It is raining like a cat pissing on a flat rock over here. Our dogs are scared of the thunder and lightning outside. Hope you guys are having a nice weather over at your end.


  1. I'm the complete opposite of mine, too. :-)

  2. You two are so cute!! My hubs is 1110000X better at driving than I am too :)

  3. Rose you and I, John and Matt should get together kasi magkakasundo hubbies natin eh; tapos tayo magkakasundo din :-)

  4. Nakakatawa naman ang mga opposites na binanggit mo. Ganuon naman talaga. Kasabihan nga opposite attracts. Ganito kasi ang pamamaraan nang Diyos para mag complement ang mga tao. Hahanapin nila yung mga traits na wala sa kanila. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. Perfect match talaga kayo bading and you know how to understand each other kaya your relationship works well. kami we are still adjusting though.

  6. ang sweet naman ... ganyan talaga ang pagkakaiba ng bawat isa. cute nyo naman...

  7. Spender pa la siya ha, good thing you are the saver type. Parehos tayo, I like to fold my clothes, even ironing them, but hubby doesn't care folding or ironed clothes. I still iron them for him :)

  8. Uhmm ever since I was born a talker na siguro hehehe pero jus ko day, kung ibang kano na mga husbands ng mga friends ko na ang kausap ko tameme ako hahahahha

  9. hahhaha...nakakaloka....some of john's characteristic is similar to mine...tapos naman some of yours is similar to greg'!

  10. you have all the qualities of an ideal wife, esp being saver.. haha.
    and for #9, I think you are smart too mommy rose!!

  11. Numbers 1,2,3,5,6,7,10
    Ate Rose ganyan ako hahaha..napapaisip tuloy ako lalaki nga tata talaga ko hahaha..late na ko nakapag blog hop here's mine

    Little Ways We Can

  12. differences brings spice to life... dba ate rose? kame eh both hindi marunong mag drive...wahahaha!!!

  13. he was born smart, and you weren't? nangiti ako dun ah. iba iba kasi ang ugali talaga ng tao, kahit mag asawa, pero mas masarap ang samahan ng mag asawa kung paminsan minsan eh may konting incompatibilities, mas thrilling, gaya nyo ni John, oh di ba?

  14. Hey! Coming back at ya from Fridays post! Sorry it took me so long!

  15. magkakasundo tayo sa lahat ng bagay except for the folding of clothes. i hate it. napipilitan lang ako kase walang ibang gagawa.

    kami parehong hindi spender kase wala kaming ii-spend...ehehe.

    dami nyong differences but what important is you love each other despite of those.


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