Friday, August 13, 2010

The EYE!

My daughter has dark brown eyes like me. I wish that she could have had her Dad's eye color because it's real pretty for a girl. I guess her eyes are cute even though the color is like mine lol. What do you think?

I took these shots yesterday when she was in the mood to make faces in front of the camera. She wanted me to take a picture of her nose but then I focused on her eye lol.


  1. sa yo nga yong eye color nya Rose pero sa Dad naman nya ang shape, so perfect almond shape ang eyes ni Rye...hehe

  2. Kaloka naman yan mommy, hehe!
    Btw, may badge list narin ako, hehe! Grabbed yours ate :) Exchange tayo ha, hehe! Thanks po.

  3. Jacob has the color of my eyes, too....and we both have the same wished :-)...she has pretty eyes though she didn't get his Dad's eye color.

  4. Iba kulay ng eys nila rye at EJ ano, they both have pretty eyes though

  5. ayos! ganda ng pagkakakuha.

    pang pelikulang the eye nga!

    pero cute parin!

  6. hhahaha...parang si Akesha...gusto din pati paa!

    nako maganda parin si Rye kahit dark brown yung eyes nya...ehehhehe!

  7. nyahahaha, ka cute... mapuwing ka dear ... heee.. lovely oi...

  8. Natatawa naman ako sa iyo Rose,parang wala ka nang ma kunan nang litrato kaya pati close up nang mata ni Rylie ay kinunan mo, lol. Ano naman kaya ang susunod, kuko ni Chelsea? bwahahaha, lol. Joke lang kaibigan. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  9. and that makes her a real pinay beauty.. whatever, she's prety!!! look at her eyes, how clear, husto sa vitamins and nutritious food. hehe. eh ang fresh ba naman ng mga fruits jan lile apple and berries, freshly pick from the trees..

  10. I am a new follower from Twee Poppets!

  11. Hi! I'm visiting from Tuesday Tag along. I'm now following your blog with networked blogs.


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