Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Camping Plan for Her BIrthday

We might go camping next weekend depending on what we came up with  to celebrate Ms. Burrito's 8th birthday.  This creative young lady  does things that a mother like me  can be very proud of.  At her age, she   can do a lot  that lost  young girl at her age won't  think of doing.  

As for creativity, you can tell in the photo above that she delivered the message she was portraying.  She said she  got hurt so she made this cast.  She also put a green paint to her forehead to make it look like a bruise.  I asked her to put on a  painful  face so I could take a pic and this is what she gave me, still smiling lol.


  1. Those do look like very nice amenities. I'm with you 100% about doing your own cooking. Some people would rather dine out, but I enjoy cooking, even when I'm on vacation. it saves money for sure! -EW

  2. I can tell she is getting big mommy advance happy birthday to your little girl.

  3. omg, she's getting bigger and smart girl. love the effect. wow, she can knit? amazing talent right there. advance happy birthday rye!

  4. She is so charming, very cute little girl..

  5. One adorable looking young lady she is mommy. Very creative, indeed. So sweet! You raised your kids well. I am sure whatever you guys come up with for a celebration, it will be special.

  6. You have one creative daughter, mommy Rose. Advance happy Birthday to her.

  7. Haha, I can't help but chuckle here. You are too cute, Ms. Burrito! Happy birthday!


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