Monday, July 26, 2010

Spider Man Fishing Pole

We bought this fishing pole for our son to practice. Both of our kids love to go fishing but we still have get our license to do so. For the meantime, they are practicing at our backyard hehehe. My son used this when we had her sister's birthday at Raccoon Creek.


  1. I´m sure that they love it. It´s fun to fish.

  2. That's a cool fishing rod. Happy RT.

  3. That's a cute fishing rod. Perfect for RT.

  4. The fishing pole is merely a tool - teach them about bait and lures and they can (and will) catch anything, no matter the rod...

  5. I never knew you could get Spiderman fishing rods! Cool!

  6. Hopefully his "spidy" senses will be activated and he'll be come a great fisherman.

  7. How fun to have a Spiderman fishing rod! I wonder if it makes the fish bite any better!

  8. Didn't know that Spiderman fished, but that's cool!


  9. fishing is nice and we keep on planning to do that too, we saw a park here that doesn't require a permit, but we keep on planning - dunno when to implement and summer's almost over :O


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