Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sky Watch

Hubby took these photos when we were at Dad's visiting the other day. It was interesting to note that in just matter of minutes, the formation of the clouds were shifting that day. A little bit later, a gush of wind was felt and the rain poured.


  1. Uu nga, iba iba ang cloud formation, if you look at the right iba rin, then they move and change the formation. Dumadaan ako dito na blank ang isib bading hehe

  2. Wonderful captures and such beautiful skies! Love those puffy clouds! Great post for the day! Have a lovely weekend!


  3. Such lovely shots! I love the second one, where it shows a little dampness!

  4. Yes, the sky looks so serene and peaceful until dark clouds appear to usher in a sudden rainfall. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. My goodness, the sky is so lovely. One of the things I missed for not being able to blog hop, your photos.

    just dropping by :)

  6. These are great shots and skies are so interesting to watch.

  7. love the second one....ganda ng kuha...:)

  8. drop by ako dito sis, greet ko lang Princess Rye a happy happy birthday!! mwaah!

  9. Hi Rose, dropping by... the sky is never a boring subject... happy weekend..


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