Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hard Drive

The hard drive of the computer I am using right now is getting full of documents so when I turn it on, it is making a loud noise and it is loading so slow. My husband bought us an external hard drive to transfer some of the important document in both of our PCs so that we could delete them in our hard drive. I browsed on hard drives at and found this Iomega Prestige Desktop Hard Drive for a very low price. This will be a good back up drive just in case mine break down. I bookmark the page and hopefully the price won't go up when I am ready to buy it.


  1. Oy. We need a new external hard drive too to back up all of our pictures! Good luck!

    Amy @

  2. I have a list of things that begin with "c" that are lots of fun when they're cooperating and a real pain when they're not: computers is at the top! Others include: copy machines, cars, and children! LOL. Have a great day. -EW


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