Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beautiful Blooms at My SIl's garden

We visited my brother-in-law Dave and his wife Michele a couple of weeks ago and I was blown away with the beautiful blooms in her garden. She has a a lot of different kinds of flowers there. Do you see Jack (their dog) in the window?
Her snap dragon flowers have different colors.
Aren't they lovely?
Thanks a lot guys for coming by and for commenting.


  1. Your garden almost like public flower garden, only better!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. i can sense that like me you love gardening and flowers. my aunt who lives in the province says i have a green thumb but i haven't planted anything for the last like 10 years since i got married. i kinda miss my garden when i was in highschool in the province. i used to gwo daisies, carnations, and different kinds of roses. thanks for sharing this pics. love them.

  3. Yes they are all so lovely. But you have your own flower garden and you can cover them with lots of roses of different colors. Then you can truly have a rose garden of your own befitting your name the beautiful Rose of Donsol, lol. Pwede mo nang kantahin kay John yung I Never Promise You A Rose Garden, lol. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.

  4. Daming flowers ng SIl mo bading, buti hindi ka humngi ng itatanim para makahingi rin kami, puro hingi nasa isip ko talaga hehe

  5. those are gorgeous gosh...healthy na healthy yung snap dragons nyang plant....:)

    musta pala weekend nyo? salamat sa dalaw sis...mwah!

  6. ang cute naman ng garden,, how I wish someday I will have those kind of garden in my own house

  7. she must be such a good gardener. Not lazy like me. i suppose she hasn't caught the blogging bug. LOL

  8. Nice to see a local 'real' garden. Nice selection of flowers. Love the snaps! Jack looks like he wants to do a little gardening too.

  9. She has a lovely garden Rose - I'm envious!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    (Carletta's Captures)

  10. Not sure if my last comment got through as I suddenly had an error message while writing it. I may be repeating myself but I was saying what a lovely series of photos, with your children, that very cute little dog and those pretty flowers.

    Thank you for sharing with Today's Flowers. Have a great week.
    An English Girl Rambles

  11. Snapdragons, unny rabbits, antirhynums - whatever they are called very pretty.

  12. This is a very nice garden.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. wow...great flowers in her garden sis i cant see here in Phil or maybe haven't seen yet..

    min is here

  14. What a nice assortment of flowers. Very pretty!

  15. Avery pretty garden with delightful snapdragons.

  16. Wow what a lovely garden and blooms.
    Thank you for sharing Rose.
    Happy new week.

  17. Wow, I like those snapdragons! I tried growing them this year in seeds but no luck, but my last year's really bloomed so well and beautiful. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos :)

  18. Gorgeous flowers! I especially like the last photo. Seems pink is one of my favorite shades of flowers.


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