Monday, June 28, 2010

I Can Do it!

My daughter has been begging me to let her give Chelsea a bath. I was hesitant to let her do it at first because the iron sink at the laundry room in our basement is too deep and tall. I let her try to do it last week and she enjoyed it so much.

Pardon for the undesirable background hehehe, our laundry area isn't done yet. That's the part where we left unfinished with our renovation.

Thanks Rye for helping Mommy take care of the doggies. I am proud of you!


  1. wow, ang galing naman ni rye! sometimes, i let my daughter give bath to her pet too.. at least maging responsible din siya.. hehe.. kaya lang i have to give bath again.monday na pala, dami ko na namiss sa MYM.

  2. Rye looks happy doing it :)
    Cute photos; great entry for MYM...

    Thanks for dropping by, Rose

  3. helpful! anong undesirable area sis....hehehe....wala akon nakita eh....kaw! love the wall color....:)

  4. Cute photos of your daughter and dog. My dogs hates to get a bath. But she loves to swim. Have a great week!

  5. Rylie is really wonderful since she can already help mommy with little chores in the house like giving Chelsea her bath, lol. I remember my youngest daughter whom I pay 30.00 pesos each time she washes the dishes when our maid is absent or on leave. But she just want it on Sundays where she proudly wears the apron given by our church to moms during the last Mother's Day celebration. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. Oi ang cute naman ni Rye2x dyan sa yellow wall na 'yan.. I mean sa pag-bath ni Chelsea.. she's really growing up mommy Rose.. she's so much an asset.. great! You're a lucky momma and wife.. muahhh!

    Thanks by the way for visiting My MYM #13: Yellow Umbrella Tack Pin :)

  7. nakapatong nga talaga sa upuan ... hahahha... Good JOb Rylie! Thanks sis sa pasyal..

  8. hi, grabbed your badge, check it out "here":

    do with mine too :-)
    please do not publish this, thank you!

  9. Good to know that your daughter is enjoying helping you keeping the dogs :)

    Thanks for the visit!

  10. Sipag naman ni Rylie buti mabait si Chelsea at hindi nangangagat...:)

  11. Hello Madam! you do have a cute daughter and cute doggie too.

    Anyway, I've been your blog follower for quite a long time now. This particular one is actually in my reading list.

    Oh, thanks for following mine too.

  12. Maasahan na talaga itong si Rylie ano. Bakit si chelsea bading mukhan umiiyak ang mata, sa black mark niya sa mata siguro.

  13. Cute! Thanks for the follow. Right back at you!
    Kelly Marie
    Blog to Fabulous
    Deliciously Ageless


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