Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Freebies.. samples.. invitations.. etc..

Who wouldn't like free stuff? As a Mom, I make sure that spend according to our budget so if I can have some stuff for free, I am on it lol. I am sure that most of you knows about Listia already. A website where you can find free stuff and if you want to get rid some of the things that you don't need, you can also auction it there and you will be given points. You can sign up if you are interested. Just click the link.

The first freebie that I got from Listia is this personalized Stephen Joseph backpack. It is brand new and the seller shipped it for FREE! I won it for 85 points, cool isn't it. I can't use it but I can sure give it to somebody whose name is Gracie (wink).

The second freebie that I got for 100 credits is this toddler's leather GAP shoes which is used but it still in great condition.

I also won this red and turquoise earring for only 22 credits. I only bid on items that are free of shipping. All those items listed above were shipped for free. HOORAY!
I also received some of the samples that I requested online. Thanks to the bloggers who offer this kind of stuff on their blogs, may God bless you more for that.. What I love about it is that with the sample that you get, you also get coupons with it. So if you like the sample, you can buy it in store with a discount through your coupon, amazing isn't it?

We also received two graduation party invitation from our friends. Congratulations to Liz and Ross, way to go guys!
Kat of Mom's Place gave me the sweetest award of them all hehehe, thanks Mommy Kat! You are free to grab this folks.


  1. Those are super freebies! Especially the backpack and baby shoes :)

  2. Wowowweee daming freebies and goodies dito bading hehe. dami mo kayang sample, ako kashi lang hehehe.

    Ang backpack bayagy ky baby grace heheh. btw, i also link you sa sweet blogger award.

  3. wow ang dami namang freebies. kakatuwa naman. congrats!

  4. wow, daaming freebies dito eh, sayang ako tamad sa mga freebies :-), kaya to wala kahit isa!

  5. wow! ma swerti ka rin pala sis sa mga freebies and give aways! hehehe!

    i also love that cutie backpack and baby shoes!

  6. I need to learn 'bidding' from you hehehe..

  7. Yan ang advantage nang nakatira sa US at Canada, maraming freebies, lol. Imposible kasing magpadala nang frebies sa nakatira sa ibang bansa dahil sa cost of shipping na magiging mas mahal pa kaysa free poducts. Congratulations nga pala sa newest award mo. Ilang aparador na ba ang natanggap mong awards mula nung nag start kang mag blog? Hindi na siguro mabilang, lol. Thanks for the practical post. God bless you all always.

  8. cool items, sis! i like the backpack. nice color!

  9. ka bibo naman dito bakla...dami mo sideline...ehehehe!

  10. too many freebies haha. pano ba makipag bid don.. i'll nga the website.. haha

  11. The baby shoes are adorable, these are wonderful freebies.

  12. Thanks so much for visiting my site and following. I'm following back. This is great info about the freebies!!!!! Thanks for posting!



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