Monday, May 17, 2010

For the love of Art

Of all the things that I won't mind buying for my kids are coloring and other art stuff. They love to do artwork especially our daughter. I am glad that they got this trait from their Dad because I don't have such thing.
These were taken the day before mother's day. We went and visit my FIL and she got bored while we were talking to Dad so she asked hubby if they could color together.


  1. Sweet quality time. Coloring together is one of great way for bonding :)

  2. That's wonderful to show an interest in art and a great way to spend quality time together.

  3. I think thats the neat thing with girls because they are contented to stay in a corner do some coloring and stuff. BFF talaga itong si juan at Rye ano bakla

  4. well, all i can say is that....nanggigil talaga ako kay Rye...soooo cuteeeeeeee and pretty.



  5. both hubby and I are not good in wonder why d masyado mahilig si akesha sa coloring!

    galing talaga ni buddies tong dalawa..eheheh!

  6. so nice naman =) sana maging artistic din sa Azumi kagaya ko (nung bata kaso ngayon hindi na lol).. Parang mas interesting kay Rylie ang arts and crafts, mana din sa Aunt Chris nya =)


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