Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Crab Apple in Full Bloom

I promised to post some photos of the crab apple when it's in full bloom, so here it is.
It's so beautiful when the flowers starting to fall because4 when the wind blows, it looks like snow.
Here's a shot of the regular apple. It is pretty too when it's in full bloom. Right now, the crab apple is back to its normal color.. all green and the the regular apple is forming its fruits already.
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  1. Ang ganda talaga pag full bloom ang flowers!Love the capture,Ate Rose!^_^

  2. wow so nice! walang ganyan sa pinas

  3. wowwwwwww...ang ganda Rose. Super ganda talaga..waaa sana meron sa pinas ng ganyan hahaha

  4. Your crabapple blossoms are wonderful. I can just smell their sweetness.
    Thanks for sharing....mine will not be open for another month

  5. Ah, such beauty surrounds you. Absolutely gorgeous photos.

  6. so gorgeous! pretty na pretty...galing mong kumuha it!

  7. Napakaganda nga nang mga flowers nang crab apples. Para ngang bunkos nang yelo na iba't ibang kulay. Yun naman regular apple na nagbo bloom ay parang cherry blossoms, lol. Very beautiful talaga at colorful ang mga fruit bearing trees ninyo. Thanks for the fantastic post. God bless you all always.

  8. Ang ganda nga ng flowers na yan, dito sa amin mahirap magpatubo ng mga halaman, masyado kasing shady, namamatay na nga mga tinanim ko eh..

  9. Crab apple tree. So unique yet beautiful :) Love the color!

  10. You still have blooms? Mine bloomed about three weeks ago and has been gone awhile.
    Lovely shots Rose!

    Carletta's Captures

  11. excellent shots...I did not get, yet, nothing to compare with these shots..congrats

  12. Full blooms awesome and beautiful. Have a good SWF weekend.

    Mine is here:cbanga360

  13. wow, nakaka-refresh naman ng feeling just looking at those flowers in bloom..

  14. Beautiful and amazing!
    Happy SWF. Enjoy your weekend Rose.

  15. Love the apple blossoms. They are really pretty flowers. Awesome skywatch shots.


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