Thursday, April 15, 2010

St. Joseph School

Here's the only shot that I was able to snap when we registered our daughter to St. Joseph school on April 8 last week. It was raining that day so all of us were on our umbrellas which makes this post qualifies for watery Wednesday hehehe.
As I have mentioned on my other blog, we did not get all the infos we need for Rylie's school because our little one freaked out and we chose to just left. We did however successfully registered her in school. It was weird because I felt like, a part of me was giving my daughter away for some reason that I couldn't understand.


  1. Rain, rain go away! But I could also dance to Singing in the Rain.

    Oh, Rylie will be a school girl pretty soon, and that would be exciting!

  2. lol thats just being a mom girl.... Mj's first school was not good though, her teacher used favoritism inside the class, whoever could give her what she wants, she would love the kids so much and give him or her good grades. One time I really cant help it na, Mj asked her a glass of water because they are not allowed to go out from the class and we are not allowed to lurk around the room. She yelled at my kid at that and said something that is not right. One parent was there and testified what she just have done, sinulong ko nga, kala siguro niya I wont say a word kasi nga bungisngis kasi ako sa school, parang wala lang at nd iimik at saka anliit ko pa, when I confronted her, tulala siya kala niya di ko siya papatulan GRR talaga ako sa teacher na yun. few weeks after that, she was terminated. I am very patient when it comes to myself, I wont react even how badly I was hurt but when it comes to my kids, every one should better watch. Kay sus na lang...

  3. Ready for school na dalaga mo bakla. wow less job ni mommy niyan isa nlng babantayan.

  4. Goodluck to Rylie... Hope may rain din dito sa Pinas ngayon..

    Tinago Falls
    ABC Wednesday

  5. Hello manang kow, oi Rylie is going to school already and the mommy is going to miss her already.. :( That's okay mamiRose, you will get used to it, I guess. I hope all will be well --- na sana 'wag masyadong ma-miss ang baby big na si Rye.. :-) muahhh!

    By the way, mami paki-add nmn sa lahat nang mga bloggies mo itong mga bloggies ko at will add you in all mine too...

    Cacai M.'s Place
    Thoughts, Ideas and Resources
    Cacai's Steps and Journey


  6. that means she's growing up alright...:) gosh, ang bilis ng panahon bakla sis ano....looking forward to that time din for Akesha...kahit ngayon nga...I noticed lately na she's growing up na talaga.....naiiyak ako minsan....waaaaaaa....

    musta na sis? been so lazy the past few days...ewan ko ba...baka siguro walang opps....walang tonight mag OT ako kasi dami ko na talaga absences....hehhehe! kau kau lang ang dinadalaw ko eh...

    btw, congrats pala sa adgi...gosh, d ka na ma the highest level yung beauty mo eh...nasa second earner ka...woohooo!

  7. That will be good for her kasi she will be able to interact with kids of her own age. She will also become more friendly and sociable. Katulad lang yan ni Bambie dear nuong hesitant siyang ipasok si Azumi sa preschool. Pero ngayon ay tuwang tuwa siya dahil sa maraming good developments na nangyari sa anak niya dahil sa pag attend nang preschool. Normal lang yung feelings mo, pero magbabago din iyan kapag nakita mo ang vast improvements ni Rylie sa lahat nang subjecta niya. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. she looks so cutex.A day you will always treasurexlynda


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  9. I know the feeling--ganyan din ang nararamdaman ko ngayong 1st grader na si Wakaba tapos kindergarten naman si Haruka.Masasanay din tayo...

    During the first week ng school nina Wakaba at Haruka,sobrang busy ko--halos palagi akong wala sa bahay.I hope next week ok na ang schedule ko at medyo masanay na rin ako dito.

  10. Normal lang siguro sa mga mommy na ganyan ang feeling. :)

  11. Wow! Mag school na si Rylie! Syempre nasanay ka na lagi mo kasama si Rylie at ngayung papasok na sya may kakaiba kang feeling na nararamdaman which is in due time e makakasanayan mo rin.

  12. aaww, ang cute naman.. back to school na talaga! perfect for the meme, wala ako entry hehe.. its raining here, raining rays of the sun, terrbily hot!


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