Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playful Bite

Champ marked another playful bite on the kids face and this time on Rylie's face. Him and Rylie were playing playing the other night and he suddenly bit her on her face. It was mild but still left a teeth mark. He was sorry after he did that though, you can see in his face how sorry he looked like when I was scolding him. I know it wasn't his fault because they were just playing but still, he's not suppose to bite.


  1. I could never figure out how come a pet would bite. Hope he does not do that again. Our dog would nip us once in a while.

  2. Oh, poor little girl. You better be careful with the doggie playtime Mommy. I was playing with our dog when he bit me and tear some skin on my face. I had a couple of stitches and a lot of vaccines even if the dog is clean and has been vaccinated. It's a good thing that your pet is small but we have to be conscious of our pets. It's in their nature after all.

  3. Uhum, pangalawang beses na yan. Nung una si EJ, ngayon naman si Rylie. Buti na lang at na shot na si Champ kung hindi ipapabakuna mo pa yung dalawang anak mo para sa possible rabies. Mukha yatang hindi makontrol ni Champ ang sarili niya at akala niya katulad niyang aso ang kalaro niya. Ang suggestion ko ay dalhin ninyo si Champ sa isang dog obedience school kung hindi naman mahal para maturuan siya nang proper manners. Baka sa susunod ay bisita nyo naman ang makagat niya at mademanda pa kayo. Alam mo naman diyan sa Tate, very demanding ang mga tao (demanda nang demanda), hehehe, lol. I hope everything is okay with you all. Baka naman mainit pa ang ulo ni Champ dahil hindi pa tapos ang LQ nila ni Chelsea, bwahahaha, lol. Sige, thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. oh my, where is champ now? mukhang affected si champ sa away nila ni kidding aside.

    pero sis, how's rylie now? i can't analyze here kung scratch ba yan or bite?

  5. Oh my... poor girl. Good thing ths bite wasn't too deep.

  6. It's hard to keep dogs from acting a certain way with one person than another. Our dog plays with us and wrestles and will playfully nibble on our hands. Not biting at all. But we are used to him and he knows how rough he can be with us before he gets in trouble.

    But he doesn't know that he can't be that rough with our nephew. What we see has being playful and fun, my nephew sees as the dog trying to hurt him.

    The dog is learning slowly. We have stopped letting him be so rough with us and I think that is helping.

    I hope her face heals soon!

  7. wawa naman ang pretty face ni rye! pero di bale gasgas lang yan kaya yan ni vicky belo wahahaha

  8. Nah Paano nlng ang flawless face ng lil girl. si champ talaga napaka playful.

  9. aray! carried away lang siguro si champ....:)


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