Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blue Eggs from Robin

I have posted at my main blog the Robin's Nest that we found at our back porch the other day which contain three eggs. Yesterday, while my husband and I were talking about our plan at our front porch, I saw a nest at the corner of it so I told my husband to check on it and guess how much eggs were in it when he clicked the camera?
There's five of them, holy guacamole. This robin is very hardworking lol.
I really wanna see them when they're hatched.. Please check out the pother one through the link above.


  1. Nicely photographed. Can't wait to see the finished product.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  2. OMG, five eggs? You're kids will enjoy the waiting... it's a great learning experience for them. xoxo

  3. i haven't seen a blue egg since sis all my life except during easter sundays, lol. seems like u shud have a cctv camera installed to intently record the hatching of these eggs, it would sure be so entertaining and educational.

  4. We had the same thing happen to us and there were three eggs in the nest. Ms Robbin built right up in the corner, outside our bedroom window, they hatched and we took pictures. So I am sure if undisturbed your nest will hatch also, good luck.

  5. Ang ganda ng kulay,meron palang ganun?
    kasi sa pinas,kapay may kulay,salted egg na yan.

  6. 5 na? kala ko 3 lang yon....ehehhehe!


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