Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wild Berry

I took these shots in one of our daily walk when we were still in South Korea last year. These aren't exactly categorized as flowers but I think they are pretty. What do you think?
Hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday.


  1. Beautiful Berry shots.
    The third one is blosson indeed. Luiz Ramos

  2. Not in bloom at that moment but the berries are very decorative! Are the edible?


    Tyra's Garden

  3. Great photos! I enlarged every one of them and you can see all the wonderful detail. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful plant of Phytolacca americana.
    But this plant are highly toxic and poisonous.
    Have a nice day.

  5. Wonderful! I have the same in my orangerie!

  6. I think those are pretty too. I have that come up wild in my yard.

  7. These plants grow everywhere in the South. They are called Polk plants (and Polk berries).
    They are not edible and are very poisonous!

    In Tennessee, we have a dish used from the new tender leaves.
    When the plant is young, in the spring, we take the leaves of the new plant and make what is called Poke Salat (in plain English Polk Salad).
    We chop up the leaves, and saute them in some butter, then add some beaten eggs and scramble it together. Very tasty!!
    You aren't supposed to eat it often because of the toxicity of the plants but we have it and most of our neighbors have it, 3 or 4 times in the spring.

    But don't even think about eating those berries.

  8. I've grown up with that all around here in West Virginia. We call it pokeweed and yes it is poisonous. Don't let your children get any.
    Lovely shots though!
    Mine’s here: Carletta’s Captures.

  9. It is a beautiful bush and sorry to read that it is poisonous!

  10. You're right...they are beautiful..

  11. are these edible? hehehehe........ganda ng kuha mo sis...shiny na shiny!

  12. Great shots, Rose. wala ko niapil ani nga meme karon. next time nalang..

  13. Ohh they look really pretty!

    Sorry I haven't been around much...but I am back now.

    My today's flower

  14. These are very beautiful; vibrant.

  15. nice shots! But this is the first time I've seen these berries.

  16. Wild berry pala name nito bakla? may ganito ako ipopost ko sana but I dont know its name hehehehe.

  17. So beautiful! Happy Blue Monday too!



  18. Those are blackberries and flowers all right. Trees bloom first with flowers before the fruit appears and those flowers are the flower blooms before the fruits. Thanks for featuring them. God bless you all always.


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