Monday, March 29, 2010

Table Napkin Holder

I found this tale napkin holder at my FIL's basement, I find it very cute so I put it in his kitchen window. It is broken on the other side already maybe that's why my FIL put it away. But it makes pretty decor in the kitchen right?

Happy  Monday everyone!


  1. It's lovely, glad you were able to salvage it and use it for decor. xoxo

  2. is beautiful and antique look too..

  3. Yes, it is lovely in your kitchen, and the fact that it was your FIL's makes it sentimental,too!

  4. Love the antique look,Ate Rose.Magandang display at one corner in your kichen.

    Thanks for the greetings!!^_^Lumalaki ng mga anak ko!!waaahhh!!

  5. Yes, maganda nga yung napkin holder na yun at nakapanghihinayang na itapon lang. Mabuti naman at hiningi mo na lang sa FIL mo dahil talagang mapapakinabangan mo pa ito. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. Really love it! Such a pretty color!!

  7. Di namn halatang sira! Ang elegant looking nga!

  8. What a neat vintage, blue find, Rose. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday!

  9. Gee, not only practical, but a gorgeous suncatcher as well! Very pretty!... Happy Blue Monday! ~tina

  10. waaa.....very nifty naman ni DIL...ehehehhe....cute sya sis....:)

  11. its very nice for just a table napkin, it's good not only in table but as a display.

    thanks for dropping by.

  12. that is so cute Rose and what a great idea to put it on the window. I guess your FIL is so happy to see it again.


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