Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bathroom Reno

Here's the old look of the bathroom in the house. Hubby and I planned to renovate this when we came back from Korea. He was suppose to do it by himself but when he went to the mall and saw the sample of the bath fitter, he got interested and requested a quote. The cost was a little higer in my standard of pricing but hubby got enticed because it will save him time.

Please take note that it is only the bath tub that was replaced by the contractor and it cost 4,549 dollars. The good thing is that they installed it in just one day including the plumbing works and everything. John could have done the project by himself but it will take time. Since he is attending school, that is why he decided to just hire the Bath Fitter.

Now that tub is finally done, the next project would be to finish the whole bathroom which is to replace the existing tiles, old cabinets, and the flooring. Hubby has been browsing for different kinds of Bathroom Cabinets that he could use. Here is the new look of the bath tub.
If I have to rate the services of the contractor , I will say that from a scale of 1-10, the time frame will be 10 but for the price and quality of the stuff they use, I will give them 5.


  1. worth naman ung outcome..ang ganda un nga lang tlagang expensive nga lang kung susumahin. bt any how you saved hubby's time and effort..ok na din db :D

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  2. Wow, it is too expensive, kayamanan na yung perang yan sa Pinas, lol. Alam mo naman sa atin, drum, timba at tabo lang nagkakaayos na. Well, nasa 1st world country ka na ngayon and you can enjoy the first class amenities of modern urban living. Nakakahinayang lang na hindi mo napagawa yung lower dentures mo costing $350 samantalang gumastos si John nang $ 4,500 para sa isang bath tub. Well, we all have our own priorities. Sana mapagawa nyo na yung rest of your bathroom at sana mapagawa mo na rin yung lower dentures mo. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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