Monday, March 1, 2010


I took these photos when we got stuck in the traffic in Pittsburgh on our way home from Maryland last month. I busied myself taking photos while hubby was getting mad with the slow traffic lol.

I thought of sharing these two shots as it is to make it more interesting. What I mean is that you can rotate the photo clockwise to make it look normal but I find it unique looking that way.

What do you think? This is suppose to be a skywatch entry but it was gloomy that day and also getting dark so this is a bit boring for a sky watch hehehe.


  1. Hmmmnnn, I am getting dizzy looking at the upside down photos hehehe..

  2. Liit lng ng Pittsburgh bakla compared sa Chicago hehehe. Paano ba asawa mo pag nagalit sa traffic?

    Si jose ganito bakla... Ohh lord why why,take my life lol. tatawanan ko nalang,. minsan sinabihan ko, siguradohin wala kami sa sasakyan nya kung tumatawag ni kamatayan waaaa.

    Yan ang rason niya minsan kaya hindi kami nilalabas pagfriday kasi grabe ang traffic.

    hala batsi na ako bakla haba na ng litanya ni lola lol. kisses sa R&E mo.

  3. hahahaa!!buti na lang at di laptop ang gamit ko else binagtad ko na pc ko lol!
    Ang tataas siguro ng mga building dyan?!

    Have a blessed weekend,Ate Rose!!Di kami uuwi ngayon sa bukid,but busy kami bukas.

  4. I hope we can visit Pittsburgh =)
    Happy weekend sis hugs!!

  5. Nahilo yata ako dun sa last 2 pics. hehehe! Great shots anyway.

  6. I love these shots, especially the counter clockwise ones, very interesting.

  7. hello just dropping by.... have a great week.... my dad is coming back home.... care to view my recent post?

  8. Nice pictures indeed. Mabuti naman at kumuha ka na lamang nang litrato kaysa magmukmuk sa traffic katulad nang ginawa ni John. Getting old, death and traffic are some of the things that one can never avoid in life. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  9. not only unique, but a bright idea. seems like you were on your knee to take this beautiful angle.. :)

  10. OK naman ang pictures, parang nakatingin ka na rin sa sky, di ba? hehehe.


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