Monday, February 8, 2010

Extra Cash...Rylie's Certificate..Moneygram.. etc.

I am sure that most of you guys received junk mails in your email's inbox. Now my questions is do you get paid for it? I bet most of you just delete it right away because it is annoying to receive many of those everyday. The thing is you can get some thing out of those email ads. Turn those junks into cash by signing up to websites like or It isn't much but it does help in having a little extra cushion to your budget.

All you have to do is read their email ads and you will get pai for it. If you like shopping, you can shop through them and then you get percentage back of what you spend.There are lots of ways to earn extra cash online, you just have to look for it. I received my check from the two above mentioned website today and I deposited it to our savings account.
We also received Rylie's winning smile certificate from Thanks Christine and thanks again to all of you who voted for my daughter on the said contest last October. We received the cash token last year and put it in her savings account.
I totally miscalculate our expenses last month. I overlooked my due dates over in the Philippines such as my SSS and pagibig contribution, my sister's tuition fee and board and lodging payments, and my mother's needs. Wahhh, it is so hard to budget. Good thing we have a little save in our savings at the bank so we withdrew and send it.

We tried but its services is not available in our state, so we tried sending it through It went though but then we learned that it will take a week before the recipient could get the money and they were asking us so many requirements that disappoints us so we cancelled the transaction. The problem was, it took two weeks before the money was refunded. Gosh, I was like in a panic. Finally, we sent it though Moneygram in Walmart and it was cheaper and quicker.

We used to send through western union but then the fee is sky rocket high so we decided to just change although I have points to redeem at western union as a gold card member. Oh brother, it is hard when you have lots of responsibility but what can you do but pray always that everything will be just fine.


  1. grattis!!! God provides in his own special way!!! godbless!

  2. Rose, paki check mo ulit yung charges sa MoneyGram vs Western Union. Sa MoneyGram kasi, double charges ang sinisingil nila, mula sa sender at sa receiver at meron silang sariling exchange rate na ginagamit na way, way below the official exchange rate. Ang pinaka magaling e through Western Union at sa Villarica Pawnshop mo ipakuha sa receiver. Pero itanong muna nila kung nagpapalit nang dollars yung Villarica. Kasi ipapalit sa dollars yung remittance, tapos ipapalit sa pesos sa Villarica. Mas mataas ang rate nila kaysa kung diretsong Western Union rate at lalong mas mataas sa MoneyGram rate. Nagtipid kasi ang misis ko nuon sa charges kaya pinadala niya sa MoneyGram kaya lang nung ipinalit ko sa BDO ay nawalan ako nang almost 1,000 pesos dahil sa mababa na exchange rate nila. Maaaring nakatipid ka pero malaki namang nawala sa pinadalhan mo. Checkin mo rin Rose. Thanks sa mga information mo. Thanks also for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. mahal na ng western union ngayon kakaloka. pero sila pa rin kasi ang may highest dollar to peso exchange rate. sa xoom naginquire din kami para sa remittance ng byenan ko sa hawaii, kaso parang less than 3 pesos ung exchange rate nila per dollar. sayang din, kasi for every $100 Php300 din ung nawala.

  4. Ang laki pala ng budget mo para sa Pinas.
    I thought of doing the SSS, too. Pagbalik ko sa atin ko simulan. :)

  5. Hello Rose! That is so true, I am also earning from inboxdollars and sendearnings. I got my first check last July lang and I am almost there for my second check. Moneygram @ walmart is really convenient and the fees is not that bad, compare to western union. I am using Rose... You can also try that one, libre ang first transaction mo.

  6. i didn't know about those sites, sis. will check it later. thanks for sharing.

    musta na? (",)

  7. haven't your sister thought of opening a paypal account, sis para dun mo na lang ipadala ang money then mas cheaper pa ata ang charge sayo.

  8. si darling ko Rose laging xoom..nag try din sya one time sa western pero lampas ulap daw kasi ang charges...den sa moneygram, okay din wala naman akong binayaran dito nong mag claim ako kasi bayad na ng sender.

    anyway...ang vaet mo...great provider ka pala sa family mo sa pinas...muahh!

  9. Hi! Thanks for sharing this interesting info in this post! Am away from Spain & able (unexpectedly!)to comment here via wifi! Thanks so much for passing on messages to dear Coralie! Hope to sort out Blobber problems on my return in a couple of weeks- hope to *see* you again then too!Have a great week!



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