Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Beauty of a Rose

Last weekend I posted the life cycle of the rose where I took pictures of the rose buds, fully bloomed rose, and when the rose petals fell from the ground.

Now, here's another series of photos I took during our last month in Chinhae Korea. I will miss the place so much, especially their recreation and stuff.

Be as pretty as a Rose guys, keep smiling and stay inlove. Happy Valentine's to all!


  1. Nagtataka lang ako sa petsa nang post mo which is Feb. 14, 2010 samantalang nung binabasa ko ang post mo eh Feb 13 palang dito at alam ko one day advance ang Pinas sa America. Siguro naka file na itong post mo at naka program na lumabas nang Feb 14, kaya lang lumabas siya actually nang Feb 12. Well, what's in a date. Magaganda nga yung mga red roses na yan na nakunan mo pa sa Korea. Ngayong bisperas nang Valentines at Chinese New Year ay nagmahal na ang mga bulaklak sa Dangwa (bagsakan at bilihan nang mga bulaklak dito sa Metro Manila) Ang isang dosenang roses ay umaabot hanggang 500 pesos pag bisperas o araw nang Valentines Day. Pero very romantic yata talaga ang mga Pinoy dahil nauubos din lahat nang iyan. Pero ang pinakamagandang rose talaga sa mga rose na kinunan mo eh yung Rose nang Donsol, lol. Bukod tangi at laging namumukadkad ang Rose na iyon para kay John pati na rin kay Rylie, EJ at bunsong si Champ, hehehe, lol. Salamat sa post. God bless you all always.

  2. Nice shots sis. I love looking at pictures of flowers. I don't know but I find it calming...

    Happy Valentine's too. Mwah!

    Lots of love,

  3. I love flowers too, but with my allergy, I can't be around them. You took a great pictures Rose, you're a pro..

    Can you visit my sister's site too?


  4. have something for you

  5. very inspiring naman ang huling sentence....very positive ang mood...ehhehee! ganda ng kuha mo sis ah...very pwetty!

    woi san pala kau this weekend? kami punta kami ng snowpark bukas...we need to drive 3 hours...just to see a snow..waaaaaaaa!

    ano plans nyo this coming Valentine's day sis?

  6. what a beautiful rose, pero nagiisa lang ang pinakamagandang rose.. that's you.. always fresh as a rose buds.
    btw.. join ako sa shoot me at blue monday next week. :)

  7. Happy Valetine's Day too, Rose! Yes, I will keep smiling and stay in love! :)

    Thanks for the chat nga pala... :)

  8. Beautiful roses! Happy Valentines Day, Rose!

  9. The world is a rose; smell it and pass it to your friends.
    - Persian Proverb

    Lovely pictures!
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. The roses are lovely! Pero nakangiti ako sa 1st commenter, Rose ng Dunsol. Talaga naman, you are a great mother and wife!

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  11. So beautiful roses , fantastic colors.

    Have a nice week

  12. Beautiful rose. Love The colour

  13. Happy Valentines Rose! you are as lovely as the Rose! hehe


  15. Hello Rose! Ganda ng rose talaga! But I can see, the Rose of John is more beautiful and more attractive than that rose.

    Belated Happy Valentines too!

  16. I love roses specially red and pink roses.

    Sayang, u left Korea, sarap doon, di ba? The weather and easy life.

    Hope you had a wonderful V-Day and blessed week to come.


  17. di pa ko maka join sa shoot me at blue monday, next week nal ang..

    embrace life
    more than just a sahm

  18. this is perfect gift to a loved-on for Valentine's Day..

    mine is here

  19. How wonderful! Beautiful roses!

  20. Pretty shots of your roses! Oh and I really enjoyed your slide show!:)


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