Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Princess Fanatic

Rylie is very interested with arts and crafts. One of her addiction these days is coloring a book of the princesses that we bought in Korea. She actually colored some of it when we were still there. Here are some of the stuff that she colored. I think that if we could honed her skills, she would do good with arts.

Thanks for dropping by everyone. Hubby and I are going to the store today when he get off from school so we can get some stuff we need for our son's birthday. Tomorrow will be EJ's 3rd birthday but we will celebrate it with family and close friends on Sunday here at home. Okidoci folks, I gotta get off my butt in front of the computer or else I won't be able to do anything hahaha. Have a nice day y'all!


  1. Nothing is more pleasing than to see children take an interest in the arts, whether it be with crayons or musical instruments...or their own voice. Continue to encourage her. Your family is lovely.
    Thanks for sharing....I found you at my sister Cher's blog...and like what I see on yours. I will visit again...such a following you have.
    Blessings Be Yours

  2. My niece also loves those princesses :)

  3. Wow, daming talent ni Rylie ahh, marunong na mag bake, magluto, drawing at good sissy pa. Mana sa pinagmanahan. Good job bading and John, you raise her and EJ really well.

  4. maganda sya magkulay para sa age nya. i think you should hone her nga toyaka para madevelope lalo skill nya.

    happy birthday ej! hugs and kisses!

  5. Most kids love princess tales and this is make them feel they are special to be a girl and woman someday.. :)

  6. wow, birthday ni EJ, happy birthday EJ..mwaahh!
    Galing naman ni Rylie, at her very young age, nakitaan agad ng galing sa art..

  7. Thanks for visiting me. She is beautyful and maybe she is going to be an artist?

  8. She has a good interest. Adorable daughter Rose.
    thnx for visiting my blog.
    happy weekend

  9. nice colorful drawing...Rylie
    makes me happy to see a colorful drawing from my girl, it´s just like saying I am charming and special,
    and they do feel special too,
    to show there talent and interest to us... mom......hehehe...

    happy weekend!
    Thanks sa visit ha....

  10. Very talented nga si Rylie. Napakadami nang talents niya. Hindi lang pala siya magaling sa dance arts pati sa visual arts pa. Magaling siyang mag color kamukha rin nang anak ko na napakahilig ding mag color, lol. Malaki na ang anak ko, grade 2 na at eight years old siya. Pareho sila ni Rylie na mahilig sa arts. Kapag birthday naming magasawa ay ginagawa niya kami nang homemade birthday cards, lol. Happy Birthday pala kay EJ. I wish and hope for the best para sa kanya. Ang galing nang ginawa mo para kay Shy nang dalawin mo siya at bigyan nang mga regalo. Very thoughtful friend ka talaga. God bless you more for that. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  11. Wow! Good job Rylie! Galing nya sis kasi she really tries to stay in the line when she colors...


  12. very talented talaga si Rylie....like her parents :-); great job, ry!

  13. Wow your daughter does a fantastic job on coloring! Happy Birthday to EJ!

  14. Pagaling ng pagaling ang dalagingding mo Mare. clap2x!

    God Bless!

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog The Johnson Diaries

    Glad you liked the designs - yes, the red dress is my favorite too!

    btw I noticed one of those you follow is A Vintage Cottage Home. I'm currently blocked by Blogger from accessing Cederna Rose's lovely blog! When you next leave a comment at her site, I'd be grateful if you could tell her I've tried & tried but can't access her page! Thanks!


  16. PS Me again! Happy Birthday to the lovely three year old tomorrow!!


  17. Hihi. your angel's so adorable and she can color really good! A future artist!

    Hugs from me to you!

  18. That is one good thing with Rylie that at an early age she already has interest on drawing. Well done ! Good job Rylie!


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