Friday, January 8, 2010

I want to go back home!

When we left the mainland going to Korea two years ago, Our son was only a year old so he doesn't remember our home or Dad's home. Korea is his only memory of home. Oftentimes,

EJ would say "I wanna go back home MOM"
I would reply back "We are home"
then he would say "No, I want to go back home in Korea!"

Our little boy is missing the house we lived in for almost two years in Korea. He also misses the activities that we used to do there like going to the lake and feed the fish. Poor little man.
Have a lovely day everyone and take good care always!


  1. I can understand his feelings oj ...
    It´s not easy for a little boy to know where his home is but soon he gonna meet friends and the weather outside is getting better. hopefully you can do similar thing as you used to do in Korea.
    I think not sure...? it needs little bit time to understand...

  2. Rose... hindi ko po makita link ko dito...huhuhu pls add me pls lang ha....hehehe

    anything at all


  3. It is nice to meet you and welcome to my blog. I don't know if I could move anymore we have accumulated too much stuff. When I was single I worked in retail and in one year lived in three states.

  4. It is a pleasure to meet you and welcome to my blog. I'm not sure I could move anymore. We have accumulated too much stuff. When I was single I worked in retail and one year I lived in three states. I'm not sure I could move again like that.

  5. And im sure he also thinks that there is no snow over there hehehe. poor lil guy! Hewill forget it eventually.

  6. It's just so sad that your little boy wants to go back home. He misses the place probably and all his playmates there.

  7. are vulnerable and changes makes them feel insecure.

    missing your visits dear! come see also my newly reconstructed earthy me

  8. sooner than soon, he will feel homey.. hehe.. ang cute naman niya don sa last pic..

  9. Poor EJ. He could not still reconcile the idea that your home is where you are right now. In the short span of his life yet, his world revolved around Korea and everything you used to do there. It may take some time for him to adjust and accept that your home now is indeed your real home. But adjust he will surely do in due time. He is already excited with the tons of snow in your place and soon the memories of Korea will fade in his young mind. Thanks for the poignant post. God bless you all always.

  10. nakakaawa naman ang little guy mo sis...ehehhe...:)

  11. Oh no! He has no clue that this is home! It will take a while for him to adjust. Once the weather changes, and can do what he likes to do outdoors, he will have all smiles!

  12. he'll get used to it soon :) siguro when spring comes, when he can really go out and play and you guys are all settled na.

  13. hehehe well he will get better soon, just give him more time

  14. awee.. that boy must have been homesick with this environment.

  15. It's hard for kid to move around since they attach themselves to their home.


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