Monday, December 28, 2009

Welcome to our Humble Abode

Since we moved back in the mainland, I haven't been to our home yet. So I asked my husband to take us there, the day before Christmas. So bracet out folks, I'll give you a little tour to our humble abode. We might not have beautiful and Modern Furniture but we certainly love our home. Our household goods won't arrive until the second week of January so our house is still naked hehehe.

Let's start with our doormat. I bought this online.

The foyer/entrance door.

My sister-in-law left her present for us here and we just had now the time to open and see it. Thanks Chris, we love it!

Our Master's bedroom.
The kids' room.
They only stayed there for minutes but look at the mess they already made lol.
Our living room.
The heart of our home.. the kitchen.

This is originally a bedroom but the former owner of the house converted it into a dining room. We will be converting it back into a bedroom since our kids are getting big.
My sister in law made these working bench and table for the kids.
My not-so-in-the-mood son..
The big painting was given to us by the former owner and the small one was given by Dad.

The birthday gift that Tita Chris gave EJ last year, we opened it and Rylie was so thrilled more than EJ.

Ahhhhh I miss my comfy sofa.

Our basement..
Alrighty guys, that's it for now. Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Hi Mommy Rose, thank you sa Christmas card I do appreciate it very much.
    Nice abode you've got there mommy rose..parang iba ang kinang nang mga mata mo at nang mga smiles ninyo dyan, happy na happy kayo.
    Happy for you guys that your back...keep warm and be safe. Happy New Year!!

  2. very nice house, Rose; ganda ng decorations :-)....galing mo talaga mag decorate. thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Love your house especially the living room and kitchen.Love it! =)

  4. Very nice! I can't wait to see how you convert the dining room back to a bedroom.

  5. wow, my dream house! bongga ng house mo sis, wish ko rin magkaron ng ganito ka-eleganteng bahay. :)

  6. nice yong new place nyo Rose...ang bait naman ng previous owner dahil binigyan kayo ng painting..hehehe

    Happy New year in advance.

  7. ang ganda naman nang bahay nyo rose :-)

  8. Nice family dwelling!

    Merry Christmas! (Pahabol)

  9. Ang laki nga at ang ganda nang bahay ninyo maski hindi pa dumating ang main furnitures ninyo. Kasabihan nga, there's no place like home. Siguradong mas pagagandahin nyo pa iyan pag kumpleto na ang gamit ninyo at sigurado ring kami ang unang makakakita ng furnished nang bahay ninyo online, lol. Sa ngayon enjoy muna kayo sa bahay ng in laws mo. Thanks for the beautiful post. God bless you all always.

  10. Wow bakla your house is very nice, I love the color and the peaceful ambiance and the curtains and the sofa hehehe lahat yata and the mirror in your bedroom bed woow nice. How come you guys hindi pa tumira dun eh kumpleto na pala house nyo at veru nice pa.

    Buti pa kayo bakla may sarili ng bahay, kami kayod kalabaw para maka ipon. Thanks for the tour.

  11. wow your house is so huge and so beautiful hehehe

  12. wow your house is so huge and so beautiful hehehe

  13. You have a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Ang ganda namn ng bahay nyo! Ang sosyal tingnan! hehehe! I love the ambiance!

  15. Wow! Ang gara pala ng house nyo :) Every part is so spacious :) Your kiddos will surely love the basement. This can be used a mini playground :-D

  16. What a lovely house! I wish you all the best in your new home and more blessings!!

  17. Best of luck in your new home. Thanks for sharing so many photos!

  18. Your house, rooms and furnishings are lovely. What makes this so special is that we see your HOME. The love of the family and all of you deserve a home, the place you grow as a team. Being originally from a different part of a state, someone wise said that your home is where your family is, where your kids grow up. You have truly found your home!

  19. Thanks for the tour, and for your visit! Enjoy your new home!

  20. Woww.. i like your new home. It is very lovely and the furniture are all very pretty. And that's a lovely doormat. Good luck on your new home and God bless always

  21. nice place rose!

    am here as well from your nostalgic and obstacles, linking them all ;) hoping you can link all of mine as well?! ehem ;)

    life round me N you
    earthy me

  22. Nice photos. I clicked your link via the Shadow Shot Sunday meme but I'm not sure if this is your shadow entry. Either way, nice post!

  23. Great house Rose, I bet you will enjoy it, also the kids. I hope you had a great Christmas..

  24. waaaaa..sensya na sis...huling huli ako sa pila gosh...super lazy kasi ako after Christmas...kaya dko naka blog hop...flat!

    my gosh...thanks for giving us a tour...what a nice and comfy abode...very luxurious.....:) thanks for sharing....:)

  25. Enjoyed the tour, especially love the new blue bench and also the kitchen! Happy New Year!

  26. Nice to see you peeped in at my site. Am happy for that.

    No matter what naman what's inside your house, although your furnitures worth millions but the residee´are "kwago" naman? di bale nalang na bahay kubo as long you can call your own. That's important.

    I been leaving in Europe for almost half of my life, with 2 kids (24 & 17) I never looked the material things. Of course, some are well ??? alam mo na, hirap bitawan ang words, so basta ├Żon na.

    Your house will be a wonderful home when everything will be in place. I sense that naman. Pinay pa? sus me...

    Hope you have a wonderful day and a bountiful NY to come.

    Chicka2x again soon.

    xoxo to all...

    greetings from the freezen´ Stockholm

  27. nakalipat na kayo...that was fast...hehehe!
    para sa akin lahat ang bilis na eh...
    saan na pala email mo...?
    email ko
    hope to hear from you...
    have a good start of the year Rose...
    with hugs...

  28. I always motivated by you, your thoughts and way of thinking, again, thanks for this nice post.

    - Murk


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