Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our new Baby

Having a dog in the family is a big responsibility but it is also very beneficial especially if you have kids. We promised our daughter that we will get a labrador but when we went to the Mall yesterday we found and bought a Jack Russel Terrier. Meet Champ, our new baby!
My husband said that we could look for dogs for adoption online and see if we could find one. Luckily, I found the Adoption Dogs website and there's a Labrador Retriever. The only problem is the location, it is a bit far from us. Check out the website, there are different kinds of dogs that needs a new home, you might find what you are looking for.

This post is brought to you by your friends from Adoption Dogs


  1. wow! :D so cute... my kids have been asking me but i still defer.. i dont think i can handle a dog now!

  2. was here Mommy Rose!!!

    droppin some EC! muzta?

  3. Omgawd! Congrats on the new addition!!!! The sweetie is absolutely adorable. :)) He or a she?

  4. wohooo...finally! you got a new baby in the family....what a cute and a cuddly little puppy....very nice name...who give the name sis?

    ako din dati...wanted to get a pup...kaya lang we decided to get an older one na potty trained....and house broken...kasi mahirap pag pup...but you guys can train sure the kids are very happy na may doggy na sila....:)

  5. Ang sarap sana magkaroon ng ganyan kacute na aso,kaso lang...mahirap din alagaan.

  6. ohhhh... my daughter saw this post and she said..wowwwwww!!! she wants another dog too... hello champpppp!!!!

  7. Sorry but I have to say this:... Buying a puppy from a mall only makes the puppy mills happier. I know you said you looked for one in the paper for adoption, and I know when you see that little face it tugs at your heart, but you should have waited just a little bit longer. This time of year people are disposing of their fur babies because of the economy. I know your little one will be loved by all of you, but it saddens me to know that yet another store at the mall sold another puppy.
    Sorry, you can delete this, I don't mind. I was coming to wish you a happy Monday.
    I hope you also know how very very active this little one will be?
    Love Claudie


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