Sunday, July 12, 2015

Creativity and Productivity.

We took away our son's iPod this summer because he was getting addicted in playing games  in it.  It might sound very harsh but It is for his own  good.  We don't regret doing it because it  yoeld a good result.  His creativity came around and now doing things that  he used to do but doesn't do anymore when he got his iPod.  I was against giving them electronics from the very beginning but  "Santa" insisted that it  is good for them to learn things.  The problem is, when you become addicted to games, that's what you want to do all the time and that is not good because it hinders  productivity.
 As a result of our  decision, he is becoming more productive.  He is building stuff with his legos, reading books, and interacting with us a lot more.
 I think he did a great job creating this one.  What impressed me the most is that, he build it without any instructions.  He just think of what he wants to make and then  did it by himself. He keep improving this  creating.  It keep changing everyday  which is great as his mind is constantly working.
 Electronics are good but can also be a problem.
We told him that if he does good in school this coming school year, he can have his iPod back  earlier than next year so we will see.
Aside from creativity, he also  practice piano  a lot more  compared to the what he  as doing when he still have his iPod.  I want my kids to enjoy what's out there and not just be content in playing games.

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