Saturday, November 14, 2009

I love Pink - Rylie @ 8 months old

Charlotte Victoria has launched her I love Pink meme that will be played every Thursday so if you love pink join us for fun!
i love pink
My first entry were photos of Rylie taken by yours truly when we went to Pensacola Florida in March 2006. She was 8 months old in these photos.
She said her pinky is sweet hehehe.
Even when she was a baby, she love it when Mommy is taking pictures of her.
She even pose for me hahaha
Oh-oh wait a minute (she's ready to get up)..
Okay Mommy, I'll just lay my head on my baby dolly's pillow because I'm tired..
How I wish my son is not camera shy like Rylie.


  1. Rylie is so cute specially on her pink dress.Hugs!
    Btw,glad to know ok na kayo ni EJ.Take care always.
    Luv yu & God Bless!

  2. soooo adorable....i luv her photos, Rylie is so cute...super pretty in pink!

    btw thanks for joining I ♥ PINK...

    have a nice day!

  3. Rylie is such a cutie! Love all the pink! Little girls are so fun!! Have a great Thursday!! Sherri@lavenderfields : )

  4. She's so adorable. She's so cute! I want to pinch her! :)

  5. Waaaahhh Ang cute! She looks like Bambi's cute little dollie :)

  6. tini-trianing for future model..she´s adorable...

  7. ah okay! andito pala ang entry mo.. hehe.. cute ng baby mo.. wow, she is growing more cutier huh :D

  8. parang hindi masyadong nagbago mukha ni Rylie ah, cute siya noon at hanggang ngayon bagay na bagay sa kanya yang pink na yan... and hey, talagang model pala tong si Rylie galing magpose kahit nong baaby pa lang.

  9. So cute! Congrats, Rylie, for winning the Smile Contest for October! I voted for you.

  10. Hahahaha ang cute talaga bihisan ng baby girls ano? kakagigil!

  11. |Ang cute naman ni rye dito, maliit palang ganda na ng smile mana sa inahin hehe

  12. Napaka cute nga ni Rylie nung baby pa at hindi nga camera shy. Baby pa lang marunong nang mag pose, lol. Sana nga ay hindi rin camera shy si EJ. Parang palaging nagmamaktol, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  13. cute talaga ng chubskulit mo manang ko...:)

  14. i missed you ate rose and your burritos. ANg cute cute talaga ni Rylie, i swear.. hawig mo din kasi sya. Sana maging kasing ganda din ni anzu si rylie paglaki.. i love her. Kelan pala birthday nya?

  15. Oh, a pink one.

    Very enticing after having three boy's ; three blue

  16. She's adorable in pink ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,


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