Saturday, October 10, 2009

Special Trips

TGIF! Another exciting entry for Mommy Moments. The theme for this week's theme is Special Trips.

This is our very first mountain hike adventure as a family. We climbed Mt. Jiri in may 3, 2008. You might want to see the rest of the photos here
Taking pictures while others were using the restroom at Cheond Phoung Gas Station.

The next photos were taken during our 5th wedding anniversary. We chose to go for another nature trekking to make our celebration unique. You may find the rest of the story and photos of our Mt. Seorak trip here

We went for a three day weekend in Osan in September last year. 
This year (May 2009), we went island hopping during the memorial day celebration in Jiju Island. Here are some details of our exciting adventure. There are more photos here.
And the last but not the least is our vacation in the Philippines last March. We had so much fun.
Sorry guys my entry was a little bit long but those are very special trips we've took for the last two years! Thanks for peeking and of course for leaving your trail.


  1. I did go to your other post, I enjoyed those photos as much as I enjoyed these through the years. You have a very nice family. Thank you for coming by.

  2. wow, so many family trips! you are blessed as a family... :D

    happy mommy moments!

  3. Thanks for taking me again for a trip in your place for F-R-E-E through pics!!Wag mo kong sisingilin lol!!\(^0^)/Ang saya-saya ng mga family trips nyo dear!!

    Have a blessed weekend to you and your family,Ate Rose!!Hiatus from Saturday to Monday--I'll be visiting you again on Tuesday dear.Miss u already!^_^

  4. Pahabain mo pa bakla kasi nakaka enjoy mga trips nyo, if you post all your trips im sure kukulangin dalawang blog mo diyan sa sobrang dami. Itong wonderful family mo na pang international ang byahe, at ang daming special sa inyo, halos lahat napaka special. I love all your pictures bakla, nakakainggit kasi wala kami niyan.

    Yan nga always rason namin sa away kasi walang time ang banana ilabas ang mga gorilla niya sa cage hehehehe.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures trips bakla. I want more more more hehehehe.....

  5. wow! photo overload!!! daming trips, and nice sets of pictures to share. :)

  6. Haaay bakla im back nilabakbay diwa ko talaga lahat ng mga wherabouts ninyo grabe kakakatuwa parang im with you by just looking at the pics I love the views and everything. whew! hindi pa yun tapos kasi hindi pa nagsisimula ang bonggang trips im sure.

  7. Hi there mommy!

    First, I would like to thank you for dropping by.. Oh my.. you're my 1st ever commenter!!! Hooray!!! ;) And you're right, it's my 1st ever entry and I just started reblogging my life again.. LOL

    You've got a really lovely family. And yeah, oh so many trips to blog about. I enjoyed it! God Bless you more!


  8. Tama ka nga, masipag maglibot ang hubby mo, baligtad tayo, hubby ko tamad, grabe, kapag weekend, gusto lang sa bahay manood ng TV, grrr... Great photos and wahhh, inggit ako sa fun nyong pamilya. Hehehe! Have a great weekend!

  9. oi sis anong mangyayari kung tumayo ka dyan sa honeymoon gate? heheheh... great great family trips. I so enjoyed looking at your happy faces!

  10. wow! you've got cool family activities,, nature trekking!! I want to do that with my family too.but I guess I have to wait for my kids to grow a bit older first.

    Lalaine's World
    From Asia and Beyond
    Day to Day Miracles
    Trying to be Fit
    Not a Shopaholic

  11. what a fun family trip.. wonderful photos!

    mine's up too sis :)

  12. oh and taga bicol ka rin pala!

    hello there kababayan!..hehe

    im from Malinao,Albay ikaw san?

    good thing naipasyal mo n rin family mo satin...

  13. wow ang daming trips nyo girl I love all the pictures thanks for sharing and happy moments to you

  14. Aww... Grabe ang adventures nyo ng family mo sis.. Na lula ako sa dami ng pics lol but in fairness mukang you had a so much fun talaga next time isama nyo naman kami :p...

    happy weekend :p

  15. wow! enjoy na enjoy ako view lagi family pic nyo. one happy family! but i noticed in the second to the last photo, all were in big smiles except EJ, hahaha. so cute..

  16. btw, wala pa ko entry, later siguro.. quick visit lang.. God bless..

  17. Saya naman :D Kami naman natigil ang monthly family day out. Nag-iipon kasi kami. We wanted to fly to Davao for a vacation :D

  18. Wow this looks like a cool place! A special trip, indeed! I wonder what's beyond that "Honeymoon Gate." =)

    My MM entry is here.

  19. Wow, para na ring nakapunta ako dyan. Thanks for sharing these pictures!
    Happy Mommy Moments!

  20. Magandang exposure sa mga bagets ang travel. they will learn from different cultures and places. nice entry sis para na rin akong namasyal sa dami ng mga unforgettable trips ng family mo. :)

  21. yan lang talaga ang perks pag assigned ang hubby to a different country mommy kasi you get to explore the country's any sites. opportunity na kasi eh. i haven't been to korea yet. i want to see that place too!

    those are really fun trips. spending it with the family makes them more special! thanks for sharing and for the visit. hugs!

  22. waaaa..super late na ako sa pila ah....hehehhe....:)

    thanks for sharing all the pics sis...saya-saya naman....

    I remember....nung bago palang tayong magkakilala sa blog land...I commented on your water park photos...hehehe....

    ingat sis..mwah...night night!

  23. Ang daming trips dito mommy Rose & I love the mountain trekking talagang nature tripper din kayo.I enjoyed looking at all your photos in here & it shows how Blessed & happy family you have.Have a great weekend!Hugs!

  24. im just so sure na marami ka ma-she-share pagdating sa trips. At nakaka-enjoy tignan mga photos. i love them all. Maganda talaga na bata pa lang, expose na sa nature mga kids. Looking forward for more outdoor photos.

    Happy weekends momma rose..

  25. hello rose salamat sa visit.
    OO di ako masyadong nagbablogging kasi i have nothing esp. to write about hehe. isa pa,parang wala ng oras. I spend more time to our kid than blogging. kasi everytime i came home from work, gusto ni erik na i spend my attention to both of them ( his dad and him)
    So cannot stay longer infront of the pc. But i still visiting back to those matiyaga na reader.

    happy weekend

  26. wow momi rose, ang sarap naman in inyong mga travels....the view of the mountains are just breathtaking, and hmmmm, parang gusto kong puntahan yang honeymoon gate na yan, hehe.

    Happy MM, mine is up too.

  27. happy family! those are awesome pics.. kaya lang medyo nag-frown si AJ, but that's okay gwapito pa din.. be happy always... (~_~)

    Cacai M.'s Place

  28. wow nman cute nman ng outfit ng rye he he aba kadami ng trips nyong pic hmmm i went to the site i vote her already sana sinali ko c nicole hehe parents ba pwede din mag vote

  29. wow! sarap naman, travel to the max ang mga kiddos!

    thanks for visiting my site sis! =)

  30. love the photos! its like I went traveling too :D


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