Friday, December 12, 2014

Watching the Sunset in Ocean City

When we were in Ocean City, one of our favorite  afternoon treat  was walking along the boardwalk to eat at our favorite restaurant.  On going back to the hotel, we would  walk at the seashore, chase the seagulls and  finish our walk watching the sunset.
 It was such a fun time for the whole family.
 I mean, who would not love watching the sunset right?  In fact, when I was growing up, we live at a coastal part of the Philippines and my friends and I would watch the sunset  almost everyday and we would talk about what  went on with our days or talk about what we want when we grow up.
 Watching sunset by the sea is just uplifting.  You would want to thank God for the beautiful day.
 For everything that happen, the sun   usually  witnesses what went on with our day but at the end of the day, the sun surrenders.  Human should do the same, we should surrender to God whatever we  have been through everyday and pray that the new day brings  hope and happiness.
 Daddy served as the bowflex for these two Burritos.
 I love to see these three musketeers all smiles.  It makes it  worth that I am always  absent in the pictures but capturing their moment is  a joy in my heart.
I hope that we could do this again soon.


  1. take us with you when you guys are planning to go back there....:)

  2. We love ocean as well as, sis.If you could believe last year my family did not visited any ocean.My daughter is been asking when she going to go in the ocean and play sand castle.


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