Monday, November 2, 2009

Reading.. Playing..etc

I am sharing these photos that my husband took when me and my son was reading the book and a photo of my daughter and I at the hills that they love to play around all the time.

For more 52 weeks entries, please visit the link above.

Only two days left and the Smile contest will end, hope that you could cast a vote for my daughter before you leave my page. To cast your vote, please go to this link and look for this sweet smile.
Thank you all so much!


  1. wow, you look like a little girl in that pic, I thought it's your daughter hehehe then I look at your hair... what's EJ reading? when my boys were in his age they love to read Thomas the tank engine only....

  2. You look so cute with your kids!!!

    It's not hard raising the five. Because there are so many of them, they keep each other occupied!

  3. az n I agree w/ Lindz....u look like a lil girl!

    so excited for the time to come when my daughter would know how to read na...

    tnx for the visit....

  4. The first picture, I thought that was your daughter!

    I joined too. Please visit me when you're not busy. :)

  5. Those are great. We love reading around our house too. The girls are old enough to read novels by themselves & they enjoy reading them to me now. Fun. cute pictures.

  6. Those are such sweet pictures! Reading time is truly the best!

  7. Those are wonderful and sweet pictures. Reading time is so special. Great job!

  8. those are really great! your lil boy looks like he is soo into reading and the last photo, u both look lovely!

    u may view mine if u have time

  9. Beautiful family pictures!

  10. What a sweet family you have, great pictures of you and the kids. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. nice pictures....ang swerte ni ganda't gwapo ...laging nagba-bonding sila ni mommy...very responsible si mommy...

  12. oh my, cute the photos....bonding moment...ehhehe!

    woi manang...wohooo...congrats po...PR3 na po tong blog mo...way to go.....bongga tong si manang....buti kapa...ako ala na pag asa eh....:)

    have a great weekend hop muna ako....had a rough day....we had a quiz kanina....hehehe!

    sige, ingat po!

  13. Very sweet pictures you and your little girl...

  14. Sowe bakla now lng nakavisit ulit.Ulirang ina ka talaga bakla kahit bust sa blogging you always have time to bond with your kids. How did you manage your time?bilib ako as in.

  15. very serious si EJ..and nice picture of you and EJ, you look so much younger..ano ba ang sikwit..hehehe.. at yong isang pic nice pic din, you and Rylie are looking so happy.


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